Academic staff

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Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Adler-Nissen, Rebecca Professor International relations, practice theory, diplomacy, qualitative methods, social media, international political sociology, European integration, EU +45 30 22 40 75 E-mail
Agyekum, Humphrey Asamoah Postdoc +45 353-30856 E-mail
Beaulieu-Brossard, Philippe Assistant professor   E-mail
Berg-Sørensen, Anders Associate professor, deputy head of department Democratic ethics, democratic compromises, democracy theory, political hypocracy, political theory, religion and politics, secularism +45 353-23449 E-mail
Bramsen, Isabel Postdoc Arabian Spring, Bahrain, conflict escalation, feeling, micro-sociology, new media, non-violence, Syria, Tunisia, violence +45 353-24701 E-mail
Breitenbauch, Henrik Ø. Head of centre, senior researcher Danish, European and American security- and defence policy, defence policy, international relations, military affairs, security policy, security strategies, stabilisation and whole-of-government, strategy, strategic studies, systems of thought +45 353-24086 E-mail
Bueger, Christian Professor Professor +45 353-25066 E-mail
Corry, Olaf Associate professor Climate change, climate politics, environmental politics, geo-engineering, global movements, international political theory, international relations, risk, security, theories of scientific models +45 353-32112 E-mail
Dahler-Larsen, Peter Professor Evaluation, evaluation systems, indicators, performance, qualitative methods, use of evaluative information +45 353-24103 E-mail
Denman, Derek Scott Postdoc +45 353-20839 E-mail
Devlen, Balkan Associate professor Associate Professor   E-mail
Dinesen, Peter Thisted Professor Consequences of terrorism, context effects, political behavior, political psychology, public attitudes towards immigration, public attitudes towards the welfare state, public opinion, social trust +45 353-23375 E-mail
Eady, Gregory Assistant professor, tenure track Assistant professor   E-mail
Egerod, Benjamin Carl Krag Research assistant Comparative political economy, political methodology, private influence on public policy, revolving door between business and politics, special interest politics +45 353-32854 E-mail
Engen, Torben Toftgaard Military analyst Civil war, military operations, military strategy, Syria, war theory, whole-of-government +45 353-33862 E-mail
Esmark, Anders Associate professor Bureaucracy, democracy, governance, liberalism, media, networks, nudging, power, public sphere, technocracy +45 353-23412 E-mail
Foged, Søren Kjær Part-time lecturer   E-mail
Golovchenko, Yevgeniy Research assistant Social media, civil society, disinformation, misinformation, Russian media, Ukrainian media, social network analysis, digital methods +45 353-33418 E-mail
Græger, Nina Head of department, professor Security studies, IR theory, practice theory, discourse analysis, strategic studies, defence policy, military sociology, foreign policy, Norway, NATO, EU, Norden, Europe, transatlantic relations, international organisations. +45 353-37662 E-mail
Hansen, Hanne Foss Professor Evaluation, evidence based practice and policy development, public administration, public management, public organization, public sector reforms, research evaluation, university reforms +45 353-23403 E-mail
Hansen, Kasper Møller Professor Behavioral campaigns, election campaigns , European election, experiments, local election, parliament election, referendums, register data, surveys, voting behavior +45 353-23392 E-mail
Hansen, Lene Professor Constructivism, feminism, images, international relations, post-structuralism, security +45 353-23432 E-mail
Hariri, Jacob Gerner Deputy head of department, professor MSO Comparative politics, democratization, democracy, economic development, institutional theory, the Middle East, political history, state formation +45 353-23567 E-mail
Hjorth, Frederik Georg Assistant professor, tenure track American politics, data visualization, elections, political psychology, public opinion, quantitative analysis, voting behavior +45 353-24104 E-mail
Hoff, Jens Villiam Professor Citizens, climate change, governance, ICT, local, participation, policies, political communication, stakeholders, sustainability +45 353-23386 E-mail
Ibsen, Malte Frøslee Part-time lecturer   E-mail
Jacobsen, Katja Lindskov Senior researcher African Union, capacity building, critical security studies, Foucault, humanitarian intervention, maritime security, regional security institutions, science and technology studies, security technologies, UN peace operations (East and West Africa) +45 353-33869 E-mail
Jakobsen, Uffe Associate professor Arctic, Greenland and Denmark-Greenland relations, Asian/Chinese interests in the Arctic/Greenland, conceptual history, climate change's impact on society, democratization, maritime security and security risk management, nation-building and state formation, parliamentarism, sustainable development +45 353-23404 E-mail
Jensen, Hanne Nexø Associate professor Cluster supervision, gender and change in public administration, joint supervision, public administration, supervision of thesis +45 353-23415 E-mail
Jensen, Henrik S. Associate professor American Congres research, classical sociological methodology, Danish politics, Folketinget, government and public administration, international parliament theory +45 353-23405 E-mail
Junk, Wiebke Marie Assistant professor, tenure track Public Policy, interest groups and lobbying, influence strategies, media and framing, coalitions, decision-making processes, political representation and legitimacy, European Union and national politics +45 353-33812 E-mail
Kosiara-Pedersen, Karina Associate professor Campaigns, candidates, elections, parliament, party membership, political participation, political parties, representation +45 353-23416 E-mail
Kristensen, Kristian Søby Deputy head of centre, senior researcher Arctic security, Danish defence and security policy, European security, NATO +45 353-24084 E-mail
Kristensen, Peter Marcus Associate professor Brazil, China, India, international relations theory, non-Western perspectives on international relations, rising powers and power transition theory, sociology of knowledge +45 353-22922 E-mail
Kurrild-Klitgaard, Peter Professor American politics, autocracies, British politics, comparative politics, constitutions, Danish politics, democracy, economic growth, election theory, election systems, parliaments, parliamentary elections, political business cycles, political economy, political philosophy +45 353-23798 E-mail
Larsen, Henrik Professor with special responsibilities, Jean Monnet Danmark (udenrigs-og sikkerhedspolitik, europapolitik) EU (generelt+udenrigs-, sikkerhedspolitik og handel), Storbritannien (inkl.Brexit), international politik, udenrigspolitisk analyse,diskursanalyse,teoriers performative rolle +45 353-23417 E-mail
Liebetrau, Tobias Postdoc Cyber security, critical infrastructure, security studies, the creation and role of publics, digitization, big data, intelligence, surveillance, science and technology studies, strategic studies and international relations +45 353-31697 E-mail
Manners, Ian James Professor Britain and EU, critical social theory of EU, Denmark and EU, EU, normative power, planetary politics, political psychology of EU, popular political culture, Sweden and EU, symbols, myths, and narratives of E +45 353-23854 E-mail
Marcussen, Martin Professor Diplomacy, foreign policy analysis, small state studies +45 353-23499 E-mail
Martinsen, Dorte Sindbjerg Professor EU and healthcare policies, EU: free movement and welfare, EU's influence on national policies, EU's political system, The European Court of Justice's impact on integration and europeanization, europeanization, implementation of EU's policies, integration between law and politics, patient mobility, +45 353-23426 E-mail
McCargo, Duncan Director of centre, professor +45 353-24628 E-mail
Mortensen, Jens Ladefoged Associate professor EU external relations, international political economy, international trade +45 353-23448 E-mail
Nedergaard, Peter Professor Britain, business and politics, lobbyism, EU, European politics and policy, Germany, Great trade policy, political economy +45 353-23408 E-mail
Nielsen, Anders Woller Postdoc +45 353-35748 E-mail
Olsen, Asmus Leth Professor with special responsibilities Behavioral public administration, experimental public administration, political psychology, citizen satisfaction, performance measurement, performance information, performance management, nudging, behavioral public policy, politics of numbers +45 353-23401 E-mail
Pedersen, Lene Holm Professor, Head of PhD programme Professor +45 353-35828 E-mail
Pedersen, Mogens Jin Associate professor Public administration, public management, motivation and performance, judgements and decision-making, behavioral psychology, gender and race, procedural fairness and trust, street-level bureaucracy, citizen evaluations, research design +45 353-33973 E-mail
Petersen, Karen Lund Professor with special responsibilities Conceptual history, corporate security, criminology, emergency service, intelligence services, political theory, public involvement and responsibility in European and American fight against terror, risk- and security communication, terrorism and organized crime, Western security policy +45 353-23398 E-mail
Polk, Jonathan Thomas Associate professor Comparative politics, party competition, intra-party politics, representation, and European politics +45 353-37620 E-mail
Rapp, Carolin Hjort +45 353-36586 E-mail
Rasmussen, Anne Professor Interest groups, Public opinion, Public policy, Political parties, Agenda setting and legislative processes, National parliaments, The European Parliament, The EU political system, EU decision-making procedures +45 353-20503 E-mail
Ronit, Karsten Associate professor Decision making process, global politics, interest organisations, international organisations, new political actors, NGO's, private policy, profession and politics, public policy, regulation and self-regulation +45 353-23402 E-mail
Rosamond, Ben Professor Brexit, constructivism, European integration, European Union, international political economy, post-truth politics, sociology of knowledge +45 353-23395 E-mail
Rostbøll, Christian F. Professor Autonomy, compromise, democratic theory, freedom, freedom of expression, Immanuel Kant, Jürgen Habermas, liberalism, republicanism +45 353-23428 E-mail
Schrama, Reini Margriet Postdoc Implementation of EU policies, European administrative networks, Freedom of movement and welfare, Gender equality policies, Civil society organizations, Social Network Analysis +45 353-27932 E-mail
Seestedt, Marie Heldgaard Research assistant +45 353-33593 E-mail
St Denny, Emily Assistant professor, tenure track Comparative public policy, policy theory, sociology of knowledge, gender and politics, health policy, politics and policymaking in France and the devolved United Kingdom   E-mail
Stahl, Rune Møller Postdoc +45 353-20665 E-mail
Thomassen, Lasse Associate professor Critical theory, deconstruction, discourse theory, identity politics, movement parties, radical politics, representation +45 353-35942 E-mail
Tsinovoi, Alexei Postdoc +45 353-31473 E-mail
Tønder, Lars Professor with special responsibilities American politics, the Anthropocene, culture, democracy, free speech, multiculturalism, political philosophy, power, satire, tolerance +45 353-20489 E-mail
Vrangbæk, Karsten Professor Competition coordination, health policy and economics, innovation, public administration   E-mail
Wind, Marlene Professor Brexit, the Commission, the courts democratic role, democracy theory, EU, European Parliament, EU-scepticism, the Euro group, German European policy, human rights, immigration, populism +45 353-23429 E-mail
Wivel, Anders Professor with special responsibilities Foreign policy, political realism, power politics, security policy, small states +45 353-23358 E-mail
Wæver, Ole Director of centre, professor Climate change, conceptual history, conflict analysis, international relations, philosophy of science, religion/secularism, security theory, sociology of science, speech act theory, transformative technologies +45 353-23431 E-mail