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Adler-Nissen, Rebecca Professor International relations, practice theory, diplomacy, qualitative methods, social media, international political sociology, European integration, EU +4530224075 E-mail
Austin, Jonathan Luke Associate Professor International relations, political violence, technology, humanitarianism, torture, design, critique, social theory, aesthetics, Middle East politics +4535320254 E-mail
Baciu, Cornelia Researcher Comparative Foreign Policy, International Organizations (NATO, EU, UN), Peacebuilding, Civil-Military Relations, Epistemological Pluralism +4535325616 E-mail
Berg-Sørensen, Anders Associate Professor Democratic theory, political theology, political history of ideas, ideology analysis, religion and politics, secularism +4535323449 E-mail
Betsill, Michele Merrill Professor Climate politics, environmental politics, global governance, transnational politics, international relations +4535330826 E-mail
Binder, Clemens Postdoc EU, sikkerhed, forsvar, grænser, migration, Europa, mobilitet, international sikkerhed, sikkerhedsforskning og innovation +4535329124 E-mail
Brekke, Stein Arne Postdoc   E-mail
Bruzelius, Cecilia Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Public policy, comparative social policy, welfare state, migration, free movement +4535335720 E-mail
Bueger, Christian Professor International relations, practice theory, ocean governance, maritime security, interpretive methods, informal governance, transnational organized c... +4535325066 E-mail
Byrjalsen, Niels Academic Research Staff International relations, transatlantic relations, European security, NATO, Nordic security, security and defence policy, international order, trust +4535336847 E-mail
Christensen, Johan Grøne Research Assistant System theory, nationbuilding, drone war, military cooperation, guerilla warfare +4535329476 E-mail
Cooper-Cunningham, Dean Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Poststructuralism, security studies, queer politics, visual politics, atrocity prevention, gender, social movements, the Global Right +4535337312 E-mail
Corry, Olaf Associate Professor Climate change, climate politics, environmental politics, geo-engineering, global movements, international political theory, international relation... +4535332112 E-mail
Dahler-Larsen, Peter Professor Evaluation, evaluation systems, indicators, performance, qualitative methods, use of evaluative information +4535324103 E-mail
Damsbo-Svendsen, Søren Postdoc Political opinion formation, political behaviour, public opinion on climate change, personal weather experiences, media effects, agenda-setting, qu... +4535321446 E-mail
Dinesen, Peter Thisted Professor Consequences of terrorism, context effects, political behavior, political psychology, public attitudes towards immigration, public attitudes toward... +4535323375 E-mail
Duncombe, Constance Elaine Associate Professor +4535324501 E-mail
Eady, Gregory Associate Professor My research lies at the intersection of political behavior, public opinion, social media, and statistical methodology.   E-mail
Eggeling, Kristin Anabel Assistant Professor International Relations, constructivism, interpretivism, identity politics, branding, qualitative methods, fieldwork +4535335798 E-mail
Elkjær, Mads Andreas Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Political economy, comparative politics, economic inequality, political inequality, redistribution, political representation, preference formation +4535332884 E-mail
Eskesen, Lea Stær Research Assistant +4535329517 E-mail
Esmark, Anders Associate Professor Bureaucracy, democracy, governance, liberalism, media, networks, nudging, power, public sphere, technocracy +4535323412 E-mail
Golovchenko, Yevgeniy Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Political communication, international relations, social data science, disinformation, censorship, hybrid warfare, Russian and Ukrainian politics +4535333418 E-mail
Græger, Nina Head of Department, Professor Head of Department +4535337662 E-mail
Hammershøy, Olivia Helena Research Assistant +4535328248 E-mail
Hansen, Kasper Møller Professor Behavioral campaigns, election campaigns , European election, experiments, local election, parliament election, referendums, register data, surveys... +4535323392 E-mail
Hansen, Lene Professor Constructivism, feminism, images, international relations, post-structuralism, security +4535323432 E-mail
Hariri, Jacob Gerner Professor Comparative politics, democratization, democracy, economic development, institutional theory, the Middle East, political history, state formation +4535323567 E-mail
Heide-Jørgensen, Tobias Postdoc Political economy, political psychology, political behavior, political attitude formation, attitudes toward the welfare state, self-interest, polit... +4535331645 E-mail
Heller, Kevin Jon Professor Public international law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law, use of force, international security, new weapons technologies +4535333191 E-mail
Hermansen, Silje Synnøve Lyder Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535323732 E-mail
Hjorth, Frederik Georg Associate Professor - Promotion Programme American politics, data visualization, elections, political psychology, public opinion, quantitative analysis, voting behavior +4535324104 E-mail
Jacobsen, Katja Lindskov Associate Professor - Promotion Programme African Union, capacity building, critical security studies, Foucault, humanitarian intervention, maritime security, regional security institutions... +4535333869 E-mail
Jakobsen, Uffe Associate Professor Arctic, Greenland and Denmark-Greenland relations, Asian/Chinese interests in the Arctic/Greenland, conceptual history, climate change's impact on ... +4535323404 E-mail
Jensen, Hanne Nexø Associate Professor Cluster supervision, gender and change in public administration, joint supervision, public administration, supervision of thesis +4535323415 E-mail
Junk, Wiebke Marie Associate Professor Public Policy, interest groups and lobbying, influence strategies, media and framing, coalitions, decision-making processes, political representati... +4535333812 E-mail
Kjøller, Frederik Klaaborg Postdoc Returns to political office, political careers, political selection, political economy, causal inference, quasi-experiments, quantitative methods +4535326884 E-mail
Kosiara-Pedersen, Karina Associate Professor Campaigns, candidates, elections, parliament, party membership, political participation, political parties, representation +4535323416 E-mail
Kristensen, Kristian Søby Head of Centre, Senior Researcher Arctic security, Danish defence and security policy, European security, NATO +4535324084 E-mail
Kristensen, Peter Marcus Associate Professor - Promotion Programme International Relations Theory, Sociology of Knowledge, Disciplinary History, Rising Powers and Power Transition Theory +4535322922 E-mail
Kristoffersen, Jens Wenzel Analyst Military analyst +4535322198 E-mail
Kurnyshova, Yuliia Postdoc +4535334468 E-mail
Kurrild-Klitgaard, Peter Professor American politics, autocracies, British politics, comparative politics, constitutions, Danish politics, democracy, economic growth, election theory... +4535323798 E-mail
Larsen, Henrik Associate Professor Danmark (udenrigs-og sikkerhedspolitik, europapolitik) EU (generelt+udenrigs-, sikkerhedspolitik og handel), Storbritannien (inkl.Brexit), internat... +4535323417 E-mail
Lauritsen, Henrik Research Assistant +4535329356 E-mail
Levinsen, Olivia Viktoria Jensen PhD Fellow Quantitative methods, political data science, international relations, public policy, denfence policy, EU,disinformation,interdisciplinary cooperation +4535337516 E-mail
Liebetrau, Tobias Researcher +4535331697 E-mail
Marcussen, Martin Professor Diplomacy, foreign policy analysis, small state studies +4535323499 E-mail
Martinsen, Dorte Sindbjerg Professor EU and healthcare policies, EU: free movement and welfare, EU's influence on national policies, EU's political system, The European Court of Justic... +4535323426 E-mail
Massari, Alice Postdoc +4535324983 E-mail
Medail, Cecile Postdoc +4535326597 E-mail
Mortensen, Jens Ladefoged Associate Professor EU external relations, international political economy, international trade +4535323448 E-mail
Mälksoo, Maria Professor Security, deterrence, memory, International Relations Theory, identity, ritual, liminality, NATO, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic states +4535331157 E-mail
Nedergaard, Peter Professor Britain, business and politics, lobbyism, EU, European politics and policy, Germany, Great trade policy, political economy +4535323408 E-mail
Olsen, Asmus Leth Professor, Deputy Head of Department Behavioral public administration, experimental public administration, political psychology, citizen satisfaction, performance measurement, performa... +4535323401 E-mail
Pedersen, Lene Holm Professor Public administration & management, Motivation, Performance, Rewards at the top, Political leadership, Local governments +4535335828 E-mail
Pedersen, Mogens Jin Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Public administration, public management, motivation and performance, judgements and decision-making, behavioral psychology, gender and race, proce... +4535333973 E-mail
Rafaly, Vonintsoa Postdoc +4535334174 E-mail
Rapp, Carolin Hjort Associate Professor Politisk psykologi, holdninger til indvandrere, nationalisme, tolerance, survey forskning +4535336586 E-mail
Rasmussen, Anne Professor Interest groups, Public opinion, Public policy, Political parties, Agenda setting and legislative processes, National parliaments, The European Par... +4535320503 E-mail
Renic, Neil Christopher Researcher +4535327953 E-mail
Ronit, Karsten Associate Professor Decision making process, global politics, interest organisations, international organisations, new political actors, NGO's, private policy, profess... +4535323402 E-mail
Rostbøll, Christian F. Professor Autonomy, compromise, democratic theory, freedom, freedom of expression, Immanuel Kant, Jürgen Habermas, liberalism, republicanism +4535323428 E-mail
Sagatiene, Dovilé Postdoc Soviet legal history, justice in totalitarian systems, memory laws, memory wars, Soviet genocide, Baltic states +4535330344 E-mail
Scharpf, Adam Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535333338 E-mail
St Denny, Emily Flore Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Comparative public policy, policy theory, sociology of knowledge, gender and politics, health policy, politics and policymaking in France and the d... +4535331908 E-mail
Stockbruegger, Jan Postdoc +4535332049 E-mail
Sørensen, Anna Lund Research Assistant   E-mail
Tetzlaff, Alexander Høgsberg Guest Researcher +4535321602 E-mail
Tønder, Lars Professor with special responsibilities American politics, the Anthropocene, culture, democracy, free speech, multiculturalism, political philosophy, power, satire, tolerance +4535320489 E-mail
Vandeweerdt, Clara Johan E Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Climate change, public opinion, (social) media, natural language processing, statistics +4535332076 E-mail
Wind, Marlene Professor Brexit, the Commission, the courts democratic role, democracy theory, EU, European Parliament, EU-scepticism, the Euro group, German European polic... +4551327662 E-mail
Winther, Mark Guest Researcher Analyst +4535330212 E-mail
Wivel, Anders Professor, Head of PhD programme Foreign policy, political realism, power politics, security policy, small states +4535323358 E-mail
Wæver, Ole Head of Centre, Professor Climate change, conceptual history, conflict analysis, international relations, philosophy of science, religion/secularism, security theory, sociol... +4535323431 E-mail
Zehfuss, Maja Professor Migration, time, relationality, memory, war, social theories, international politics +4535325486 E-mail
el-Wakil, Alice Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Political theory, democratic theory, democracy, representation, referendums, democratic innovations, institutional design, popular vote processes +4535323234 E-mail