PhD Students

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Arnfred, Josephine Ebba Thorup PhD Student +4535328551 E-mail
Bendtsen, Karl-Emil Svenningsen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Bertram, Caroline PhD Fellow European Union, trade policy, foreign policy, sustainability, sustainable development, international political economy, international organizations... +4535325622 E-mail
Breistrand, Line Marie Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Campera de Rezende Soares, Ana C PhD Fellow European Administrative Networks; Implementation of EU's policies; EU Environmental policy; Regulatory governance; Europeanization +4535331166 E-mail
Castro, Vic PhD Fellow International relations, security studies, speech act theory, - post structuralism, material turn, cyberspace, digital privacy +4535321299 E-mail
Christensen, Lise Wiederholt PhD Fellow +4535322052 E-mail
Damsbo-Svendsen, Søren Research Assistant Political opinion formation, political behaviour, public opinion on climate change, personal weather experiences, media effects, agenda-setting, qu... +4535321446 E-mail
Del Piano, Debora Enrolled PhD Student +4535329574 E-mail
Dichman, Anne-Sofie PhD Fellow +4535331656 E-mail
Doggenweiler, Daniel Andres Cruz Enrolled PhD Student +4535324517 E-mail
Dreyer, Jakob Enrolled PhD Student +4535336943 E-mail
Eldarov, Nijat PhD Fellow +4535327560 E-mail
Griffiths, Maevia Laureen PhD Fellow +4535324456 E-mail
Hansen, Matilde Bro PhD Fellow +4535326799 E-mail
Holm, Minda PhD Student +45+4745282951 E-mail
Humer, Matthias Research Assistant International Relations, Security Studies, Gender, Visual Politics, Constructivism, Poststructuralism +4535331013 E-mail
Jensen, Ingrid Helene Brandt PhD Fellow Political theory, Democratic Theory, New materialism, Climate politics, Affect theory, Climate Citizens Assemblies +4535333762 E-mail
Larsen, Karen Philippa PhD Fellow PhD fellow   E-mail
Lin, Yi-Hui PhD Fellow +4535327723 E-mail
Mortensgaard, Lin Alexandra PhD Student +4535327095 E-mail
Møller, Marie Kongsted Enrolled PhD Student +4535328669 E-mail
Pedersen, Kristina Aleksandrovna PhD Fellow Comparative politics, authoritarian regimes, Media in autocracies, protest, institutions, machine learning, NLP, data science, Russia +4526654152 E-mail
Riber, Johannes Enrolled PhD Student Maritime security, sea power, small states, defence agreements, maritime diplomacy and strategy, strategic culture +4535328195 E-mail
Rohlfing-Frederiksen, Regitze H PhD Fellow Democracy theory, Democratic backsliding, Civil Society and social movements, EU, Courts role in democracy, Central- and Eastern Europe, Nord Africa +4535330689 E-mail
Seestedt, Marie Heldgaard PhD Fellow +4535333593 E-mail
Stenderup, Rasmus Dalgaard PhD Fellow +4535329561 E-mail
Vladymyrova, Mariia PhD Fellow +4535334978 E-mail