Katja Lindskov Jacobsen

Katja Lindskov Jacobsen

Research associate

Primary fields of research


  •     Maritime security, including piracy (notably in the Gulf of Guinea)
  •     Security technologies, including the use of biometrics 
  •     Danish security policy
  •     Stabilisation missions  


  •     UN peace operations 
  •     Humanitarian intervention
  •     Capacity building


  •     African Union
  •     Regional organisations
  •     Maritime security

Broadly speaking my research focuses on security and intervention. Thematically, I have for example looked at various UN interventions, at humanitarian technology uses as interventions, and at practices of maritime capacity building and institutional capacity building of regional security actors. One of the issues that interests me about this broad range of contemporary security practices, is the question of how such interventions influence the global distribution of security/insecurity. Geographically, a large part of my research has focused on Africa – on maritime security challenges in the Gulf of Guinea, on various UN interventions in Africa, and on regional security organisations in East Africa. In many of my research projects, an important dimension has also been the issue of Danish security policies and practices, for example in relation to UN peace operations or in relation to maritime security.

I hold a Ph.D. in International Relations from Lancaster University (UK), and an MSc in Global Politics from London School of Economics and Political Science.

Theoretically, my research is informed by the work of Michel Foucault, post-structuralism, and by insights and concepts from Science & Technology Studies.

ID: 160906369