Emily Flore St Denny

Emily Flore St Denny

Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Office Hours: Thursday 2p.m - 3p.m. & Friday 11 - 12

Primary fields of research

Emily St.Denny works on policymaking in the devolved United Kingdom and France, with a broad focus on issues of health, gender, and social policy.

No office hours (no teaching)


Emily teaches the ‘Knowledge’ course (part of the specialisation in Evaluation) as well as the electives in ‘Comparative Public Policy’, ‘Gender, Politics, and Policy’, and ‘The Politics of Policymaking’. She is also the course coordinator for, and teaches on, the ‘Gender and Politics: Political Science from a Gender Perspective’ course. Emily is committed to research-informed teaching in public policy and social science more generally. She has previous experience working as a policy consultant for the Welsh Government and is a Fellow associated with the Centre on Constitutional Change in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her experience working with policymakers informs her teaching and assessment practices, with an emphasis on helping students develop policy-relevant analysis and communication skills. She is in the process of editing a book on Teaching Public Policy (Edward Elgar).


Current research

Her current research focuses on the manner in which 'prevention' is articulated as a broad policy 'philosophy', the reasons why its effective implementation continues to elude policymakers across different sectors, and how prevention policy might more effectively be designed and delivered. She has recently published a book with Professor Paul Cairney entitled Why isn’t Government policy more preventive? (Oxford University Press). This research agenda also fits into the Horizon2020 research programme seeking to develop Integrative Mechanisms for Addressing Spatial Justice and Territorial Inequalities in Europe (IMAJINE), where she researches barriers and facilitators of policy learning at different levels from the local to the supranational.

Additionally, Emily’s research also focuses on issues health and of gender and policy and how each structures and shapes the other. Her work with IMAJINE has involved researching the development and implementation of ‘Health in All Policies’ and diversity and gender mainstreaming to reduce inequalities in Europe. Her doctoral research examined the role of ideas concerning gender and morality in shaping contemporary French prostitution policy. She is also currently involved in projects aimed at assessing and improving physical and mental health of women during and after pregnancy. As part of her focus on gender and health, she is concerned with the methodological implications of researching vulnerable populations and the development and use of feminist research methods.

Emily is an associate editor of the European Journal of Gender and Politics and the co-convenor of the Political Studies Association French Politics and Policy network.

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