About the Department of Political Science

At the Department of Political Science, our goal is to facilitate essential research, and research-based education at the highest international level.

The department strives to explore the present and influence the future by educating students in analytical thinking, critical reflection, and interdisciplinary problem solving. These qualifications are required by an increasingly complex and changeable world. Among the problems of the future, is the economic, political, and democratic implication of climate change, global power shifts, and unknown challenges such as the Covid-19.

The department offers bachelor’s- and master’s degrees in Social Science and Political Science as well as the English language master’s degree in Security Risk Management. Furthermore, the department is engaged in a number of international partnerships across Europe and the rest of the World.

The department also offers postgraduate courses in cooperation among others with the Faculty of Social Science.


The department offers an engaging and international research environment which brings students, researchers, and the local community together in innovative ways on different platforms. Our researchers share their experiences and insights with each other and the students. In addition, the researchers also experiment with different approaches to their research as well as corroborate across academic disciplines.

The department prioritises its public role where our expert expertise and research contribute to the public debate trough among others lectures and patriation in the news media both in Denmark and internationally. 

The department is organised into different research groups and centres.


The department is part of the Faculty of Social Science. It’s based within the historical buildings of the old municipality hospital built in 1863 with outdoor atrium gardens.

Located in the center of Copenhagen, the department is in biking distance to most of the boroughs, close to the public transport center Nørreport as well as The Botanical Garden and The Royal Library.