Danish and Comparative Politics – Behavior, Institutions, and Methods

The research group, Danish and Comparative Politics – Behavior, Institutions, and Methods, covers at least four important subfields within political science: comparative politics, political behavior, political economy, and European politics. Substantively, the members of the group study political parties, interest groups, political regimes, politics in non-democratic regimes, public opinion formation, electoral politics and many other topics of immediate and contemporary relevance to both academics and practitioners. The group covers and welcomes a broad array of methodological approaches to the study of politics, ranging from design-based causal inference to interviews and participant observation.

Danish and Comparative Politics – Behavior, Institutions, and Methods

The members of the group contribute actively to developing the academic life at the Department of Political Science by doing world-leading research, which is regularly published in the discipline’s most prestigious journals. At the B.Sc.-level, the members of the group are responsible for teaching the course sequence in Danish and Comparative Politics (three courses), the course sequence in Methods (three courses), the course in public policy, and the course in the philosophy of science. At the M.Sc.-level, the members of the group offers the specialization in political behavior, as well as a host of different courses in comparative politics, political economy, and political institutions.


Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersson, Per Fredrik External Postdoc   E-mail
Cappelen, Christoffer Pfeiffer Postdoc +4535320717 E-mail
Damsbo-Svendsen, Søren PhD Fellow +4535321446 E-mail
Dinesen, Peter Thisted Professor +4535323375 E-mail
Doggenweiler, Daniel Andres Cruz PhD Student +4535324517 E-mail
Eady, Gregory Assistant Professor - Tenure Track   E-mail
Hansen, Kasper Møller Professor +4535323392 E-mail
Hariri, Jacob Gerner Professor +4535323567 E-mail
Heide-Jørgensen, Tobias PhD Fellow +4535331645 E-mail
Hermansen, Silje Synnøve Lyder Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535323732 E-mail
Hjorth, Frederik Georg Associate Professor +4535324104 E-mail
Junk, Wiebke Marie Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535333812 E-mail
Kosiara-Pedersen, Karina Associate Professor +4535323416 E-mail
Kurrild-Klitgaard, Peter Professor +4535323798 E-mail
Larsen, Frederik Kristoffer Kjøller PhD Fellow +4535326884 E-mail
Nedergaard, Peter Professor +4535323408 E-mail
Pedersen, Kristina Aleksandrovna PhD Fellow +4535324569 E-mail
Rapp, Carolin Hjort Associate Professor +4535336586 E-mail
Rasmussen, Anne Professor +4535320503 E-mail
Rohlfing-Frederiksen, Regitze H PhD Fellow +4535330689 E-mail
Seestedt, Marie Heldgaard PhD Fellow +4535333593 E-mail
Toft, Maria PhD Fellow +4535325347 E-mail
Vandeweerdt, Clara Johan E Postdoc +4535332076 E-mail
von der Maase, Simon Polichinel Research Assistant +4535321217 E-mail


Tenure Track Professor Carolin Rapp (Programme director)
Mail: cara@ifs.ku.dk 
Phone: +45 27 62 76 33

Tenure Track Professor Frederik Hjorth (Deputy Coordinator)
Mail: fh@ifs.ku.dk
Phone: +45 26 27 24 41