Danish National Election Study (DNES)

The DNES has conducted nationwide representative election surveys after every Danish parliamentary election since 1971. The aim is to document and elucidate the main reasons for voter decisions. In addition to identifying key factors that influenced individual elections, the dataset offers a unique longitudinal view on Danish democracy, political opinions and societal changes over 50 years.

Danish National Election Study

With a robust basis - a probability sample from the Danish Civil Registration System (CPR) – the data is linked to Statistics Denmark’s register data to deliver socio-demographic context on the 2,000 representative respondents.












































Name Title Phone E-mail
Kasper Møller Hansen Professor +4535323392 E-mail

Funded by:

The Carlsberg Foundation

Danish National Election Study (DNES) has received funding from the Carlsberg Foundation

Project: Danish National Election Study (DNES)
Period:  2018-2025


Kasper Møller Hansen
Department of Political Science
Mail: kmh@ifs.ku.dk
Phone: +45 35 32 33 92

External members:

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Professor Rune Stubager Aarhus University