International Relations

Climate changes, wars, and threats against vital infrastructure are examples of challenges requiring cross-border political action. The group conducts research into international relations in a vibrant and active environment, thus contributing to academic debates on international relations.

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The International Relations research group addresses topics including global and regional governance, safety and conflict, geopolitics, disinformation and digitalisation, small states, diplomacy, and international organisations.

Group members enjoy a global reputation for their innovative and pioneering research and are leaders in formulating international theories and methodology, for example, within post-structuralism, constructivism, discourse theory, practice theory, visual theory, design theory, science and technology theory, and sociology of knowledge.

Group leader

Peter Marcus Kristensen
Associate Professor - Promotion Programme

Portrait of Peter Marcus Kristensen

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Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Adler-Nissen, Rebecca Professor +4530224075 E-mail
Austin, Jonathan Luke Associate Professor +4535320254 E-mail
Baciu, Cornelia Researcher +4535325616 E-mail
Betsill, Michele Merrill Professor +4535330826 E-mail
Binder, Clemens Postdoc +4535329124 E-mail
Bueger, Christian Professor +4535325066 E-mail
Byrjalsen, Niels Academic Research Staff +4535336847 E-mail
Christensen, Johan Grøne Research Assistant +4535329476 E-mail
Christensen, Lise Wiederholt PhD Fellow +4535322052 E-mail
Cooper-Cunningham, Dean Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535337312 E-mail
Corry, Olaf Associate Professor +4535332112 E-mail
Duncombe, Constance Elaine Associate Professor +4535324501 E-mail
Eggeling, Kristin Anabel Assistant Professor +4535335798 E-mail
Eldarov, Nijat PhD Fellow +4535327560 E-mail
Fraise, Thomas Visitor +4535329809 E-mail
Golovchenko, Yevgeniy Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535333418 E-mail
Græger, Nina Head of Department, Professor +4535337662 E-mail
Hammershøy, Olivia Helena Research Assistant +4535328248 E-mail
Hansen, Lene Professor +4535323432 E-mail
Hansen, Matilde Bro PhD Fellow +4535326799 E-mail
Heller, Kevin Jon Professor +4535333191 E-mail
Jacobsen, Katja Lindskov Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535333869 E-mail
Kristensen, Kristian Søby Head of Centre, Senior Researcher +4535324084 E-mail
Kristensen, Peter Marcus Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535322922 E-mail
Larsen, Henrik Associate Professor +4535323417 E-mail
Larsen, Karen Philippa PhD Fellow   E-mail
Lauritsen, Henrik Research Assistant +4535329356 E-mail
Levinsen, Olivia Viktoria Jensen PhD Fellow +4535337516 E-mail
Liebetrau, Tobias Researcher +4535331697 E-mail
Lin, Yi-Hui PhD Fellow +4535327723 E-mail
Marcussen, Martin Professor +4535323499 E-mail
Massari, Alice Postdoc +4535324983 E-mail
Medail, Cecile Postdoc +4535326597 E-mail
Mortensen, Jens Ladefoged Associate Professor +4535323448 E-mail
Mortensgaard, Lin Alexandra PhD Student +4535327095 E-mail
Mälksoo, Maria Professor +4535331157 E-mail
Rafaly, Vonintsoa Postdoc +4535334174 E-mail
Rasmussen, Amanda Møller Research Assistant +4535333332 E-mail
Rasmussen, Mikkel Vedby Professor +4535332022 E-mail
Renic, Neil Christopher Researcher +4535327953 E-mail
Ronit, Karsten Associate Professor +4535323402 E-mail
Sagatiene, Dovilé Postdoc +4535330344 E-mail
Stockbruegger, Jan Postdoc +4535332049 E-mail
Tetzlaff, Alexander Høgsberg Guest Researcher +4535321602 E-mail
Vladymyrova, Mariia PhD Fellow +4535334978 E-mail
Wind, Marlene Professor +4551327662 E-mail
Wivel, Anders Professor, Head of PhD programme +4535323358 E-mail
Wæver, Ole Head of Centre, Professor +4535323431 E-mail
Zehfuss, Maja Professor +4535325486 E-mail