Ocean Infrastructures (OCINFRA)

The project investigates governance arrangements at sea and how they try to ensure maritime connectivity and sustainability.

The project investigates arrangements aimed at (1) guaranteeing freedom of navigation, (2) securing global subsea data cables, and (3) preventing oil spills and marine environmental disasters.

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The project focuses on infrastructures. This includes both physical entities (routes, cables, satellites) and intangible frameworks (laws, routing schemes, GPS) on which modern life depends. Yet infrastructures operate in the background and primarily receive attention when they break down and disrupt vital flows.

We study the historical emergence of key oceanic infrastructures – freedom of navigation, subsea data cables, and oil spill prevention – and how they are governed to protect the marine environment and critical maritime flows.




Professor Kimberly Peters, Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity.



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Bueger, Christian Professor +4535325066 E-mail
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Ocean Infrastructures (OCINFRA): How the oceans are governed today is funded by The VELUX Foundations

Project: Ocean Infrastructures (OCINFRA): How the oceans are governed today
Project period: 2022-2025


Christian Bueger
Department of Political Science
Email: christian.bueger@ifs.ku.dk
Phone: +45 35 32 50 66

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Tobias Liebetrau Affiliated researcher +4532698787 toli@diis.dk