Anders Woller Nielsen

Anders Woller Nielsen

Research assistant

Research area

It is generally believed that, given sufficient room for manoeuvre, politicians and power holders distribute public resources in accordance with their incentive to maintain power. In developing countries, such strategy may not only impede economic development, but also cause group grievances and influence the process of democratic consolidation. This Ph.D. project specifically studies who benefits from such distribution, what specific policies are being put in place to target certain societal groups, as well as how strategies of distribution vary across countries.

Building on the above, the hope is to map the way and the extent to which state apparatuses in developing countries distribute resources, more exhaustively than has previously been done. In addition, the project seeks to encourage theorizing on when and under what circumstances the pursuit of self-interest by power holders is particularly misaligned with the common good. 

In order to uncover these hidden patterns, the project makes use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), machine learning as well as geo-coded survey data. Associate professor Jacob Gerner Hariri supervises the project and Mogens Kamp Justesen (Copenhagen Business School) is co-supervisor.   

Background: Anders Woller holds a BSc and an MSc in Political Science from University of Copenhagen as well as an MSc in Comparative Politics from London School of Economics and Political Science. His broader interests concern comparative political economy, politics of development, elections in non-consolidated democracies, visual displays of data, and machine learning.

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