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Reini Margriet Schrama

Reini Margriet Schrama



Reini Schrama is a Post Doctoral researcher at the Department of Political Science, of the University of Copenhagen. In 2017 she obtained her PhD from the Center of Comparative Politics at the ETH Zurich.

Her expertise is in European politics, member state compliance with EU directives and networks of stakeholders monitoring and enforcing the implementation of EU policies on the ground.

Reini Schrama is experienced in social network analysis in particular and interested in applying data science tools to collect, process and visualize data in a comprehensive way.

Currently, she is working together with Prof. Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen (University of Copenhagen) and Prof. Ellen Mastenbroek (Radboud University Nijmegen) on a project to study the functioning, establishment and role of European Administrative Networks in the implementation of EU policy by national authorities. Read more about this research project here.


Publications this year:

2018, Journal of Public Policies

Swift, brokered and broad-based information exchange: How network structure facilitates stakeholders monitoring EU policy implementation

2018, Journal of European Public Policies

“You can’t have one without the other”; The differential impact of civil society strength on the implementation of EU policy
With Asya Zhelyazkova ​


Go to Reini Schrama´s website and ResearchGate for more information or link her up.


Fields of interest


- EU politics

- EU policy implementation

- EU gender equality policy

- European Administrative Networks

- Policy networks

- Civil society 

- Social Network Analysis

- Data science




Fall, 2018

Graduate seminar University of Copenhagen

Institutions, Policy Processes and Institutions in the European Union


Fall, 2017

Graduate seminar ETH Zürich/University of Zürich

Contemporary European Politics (coordinator)


Fall, 2016

Graduate seminar ETH Zürich/University of Zürich

Contemporary European Politics


Fall, 2015

Graduate seminar ETH Zürich/University of Zürich

Developments and Current Issues of European Integration


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