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Anne Mette Møller

Anne Mette Møller

Research Assistant

I defended my PhD thesis on 29 June 2018: "Organizing knowledge and decision-making in street-level professional practice. A practice-based study of Danish child protective services". The thesis is available for download (open access).

My PhD project is motivated by debates over evidence-based practice in Danish child protection services. I explore different ideals and understandings of what it means that practice should be based on or informed by 'evidence', and how this plays out in the everyday practice of street-level organizations - including how different organizational routines are put in place to enable or constrain  mobilization of different forms and sources of knowledge in daily practice.

The methodological approach is based on organizational ethnography, encompassing qualitative case studies (interviews, document analysis, shadowing) in three different child protection agencies in two Danish municipalities.

The theoretical approach is founded in practice theory and also draws on concepts from sociological/Scandinavian institutionalism (translation theory) as well as theories about knowledge mobilization and organizational knowledge and learning.

My broader research interests include research utilization/knowledge mobilization as well as methodological issues related to organizational ethnography.

I hold and MSc in Sociology from 2009 and have several years of experience as a consultant, conducting evaluations and policy analyses before embarking on my PhD in 2015.

Teaching: Management and Leadership (specialisation in Organization and Management) (MA-level), Political and Organizational Ethnography (MA-level), Knowledge and Evidence in Policy and Practice (MA-level), Public Administration (BA-level) + guest lectures on Evidence-Based Policy and Practice, Evaluation in Practice and Professional Discretion

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