Wiebke Marie Junk

Wiebke Marie Junk

Public Policy, interest groups and lobbying, influence strategies, media and framing, coalitions, decision-making processes, political representation and legitimacy, European Union and national politics

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Wiebke Marie Junk is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science. Her research interests link to public policy, comparative politics, European Union (EU) and global governance, and democratic participation.  Her work addresses policy processes at national and European Union (EU) level, and focusses especially on the influence of non-state actors on political decision-making.

She is part of the GovLis Project (Short for: When does Government Listen to the Public?), which assesses conditions for government responsiveness to public opinion and interest groups (Principal Investigator: Anne Rasmussen). She obtained her PhD at the Department of Political Science in 2018 based on her dissertation on lobbying coalitions.

Current research

Wiebke's latest research addresses the role of interest groups in policy processes in Europe. Her PhD project looked at coalition behaviour between interest groups and assessed the effects of different types of cooperation between lobbyists on their ability to reach policy makers and attain policy preferences.

Wiebke's work has been published in the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS), Journal of European Public Policy (JEPP), Governance, European Journal of International Relations (EJIR) and in Comparative Political Studies (CPS).


Wiebke's past and ongoing teaching includes courses on: Public Policy;  Institutions, Policy Processes and Policies in the EU; Lobbying and Interest Groups; Political Representation and Legitimacy; International Public Administration; and Advanced Methods in EU Studies. Moreover, she supervises Master theses on a variety of topics related to public policy, European and EU politics.

Her office hours are on Tuesdays, 15:00-16:00.

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