Jessica Maria Sampson Thierry

Jessica Maria Sampson Thierry

PhD fellow

As a PhD student at Department of Political Science, Jessica studies how mobile EU nationals can access national social assistance in their host member states.

Jessica is part of a European research project called TransJudFare – a collaboration between University of Bremen, University of Salzburg, VU University Amsterdam and University of Copenhagen - where the national implementation of EU social law is scrutinized. The developments suggest a transnationalization and judicialization called forth by the European Court of Justice. The result is legal uncertainty making it even more difficult for member states to comply, while at the same time creating space for sceptical member states to cherry pick their preferred case law.

The project is specifically focused on economically non-active mobile EU nationals, e.g. jobseekers, unemployed, homeless and students. Jessica's focus is the Danish implementation of the complex EU law and how local administrative levels manage to bring in EU social law in their everyday practices. More specifically, Jessica is studying the practices of granting social assistance (e.g. ‘kontanthjælp’), but also of expelling mobile EU nationals as a consequence of applying for social benefits.

Her supervisor is Professor Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen who is also part of the TransJudFare project.

ID: 129998714