Frederik Klaaborg Kjøller

Frederik Klaaborg Kjøller



I am PostDoc on the research project Origins of Descriptive Representation (ODER), which is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and led by Frederik Hjorth. In the project, we use machine learning to digitize all Danish elections at candidate level since the constitution in 1849 and examine representation of women and workers throughout the history of Danish democracy.

I defended my PhD dissertation in December 2023. It is titled "More Than A Job? Essays on Public Officeholders' Rewards and Representation" and deals with political careers from two perspectives, namely, 1) who do we get?, and 2) what do they get? In this way, the dissertation sheds light on the job of a politician based on their role as representatives of citizens and from a labor market perspective.

My research is based on quantitative/statistical methods and I draw inferences through various types of quasi-experiments and traditional experiments.

During my PhD I have have been visiting researcher at Copenhagen Business School and Harvard University.

You can read more about my research and find my dissertation and CV on my website:

Primary fields of research

  • Political careers
  • Political selection
  • Political representation
  • Private returns to political offices
  • Causal inference
  • Quantitative methods

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