International Relations

The International Relations (IR) community at the Department of Political Science is a vibrant and active research community. It is comprised of a number of research centres and groups. These contribute to different academic debates in the field of IR. They combine an interest in advancing theory and methodological innovation with in-depth empirical work on issues such as international and regional governance, security and conflict, small states, diplomacy, international institutions, or climate change.

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The members of the IR groups and centres are internationally leading researchers on international security, global risk and military studies, as well as on international political economy, international organisations and foreign policy analysis. The group’s members have a global reputation for innovative and pathbreaking research.

The IR research groups and centres contribute to the academic environment at the department through lectures and seminars with leading experts, conveying the latest knowledge and research along with methodological takes on IR. Together with teaching and supervision at both bachelor’s and master’s level, the IR community is an active contributor to the ongoing research-led dialogue between students and researchers at the department.
























































Name Title Phone E-mail
Adler-Nissen, Rebecca Professor +45 30 22 40 75 E-mail
Agyekum, Humphrey Asamoah Postdoc +45 353-30856 E-mail
Beaulieu-Brossard, Philippe Assistant professor   E-mail
Bertram, Caroline PhD fellow +45 353-25622 E-mail
Bramsen, Isabel Postdoc +45 353-24701 E-mail
Breitenbauch, Henrik Ø. Head of centre, senior researcher +45 353-24086 E-mail
Bueger, Christian Professor +45 353-25066 E-mail
Byrjalsen, Niels PhD Fellow +45 353-36847 E-mail
Cooper-Cunningham, Dean PhD Fellow +45 353-37312 E-mail
Corry, Olaf Associate professor +45 353-32112 E-mail
Dreyer, Jakob PhD Fellow +45 353-36943 E-mail
Eggeling, Kristin Anabel Postdoc +45 353-35798 E-mail
Engen, Torben Toftgaard Military analyst +45 353-33862 E-mail
Golovchenko, Yevgeniy Research assistant +45 353-33418 E-mail
Græger, Nina Head of department, professor +45 353-37662 E-mail
Hagemann, Anine PhD Fellow +45 353-35054 E-mail
Hansen, Lene Professor +45 353-23432 E-mail
Heurlin, Bertel Professor emeritus +45 353-23366 E-mail
Holm, Minda PhD Fellow +4745282951 E-mail
Jacobsen, Katja Lindskov Senior researcher +45 353-33869 E-mail
Kaalund, Mathilde PhD Fellow +45 353-28295 E-mail
Kristensen, Kristian Søby Deputy head of centre, senior researcher +45 353-24084 E-mail
Kristensen, Peter Marcus Associate professor +45 353-22922 E-mail
Larsen, Henrik Professor with special responsibilities, Jean Monnet +45 353-23417 E-mail
Liebetrau, Tobias Postdoc +45 353-31697 E-mail
Manners, Ian James Professor +45 353-23854 E-mail
McCargo, Duncan Director of centre, professor +45 353-24628 E-mail
Mortensen, Jens Ladefoged Associate professor +45 353-23448 E-mail
Namwase, Sylvie Postdoc +45 353-34338 E-mail
Parker, Noel Associate professor, research and development   E-mail
Petersen, Karen Lund Professor with special responsibilities +45 353-23398 E-mail
Rosamond, Ben Professor +45 353-23395 E-mail
Svendsen, Øyvind PhD fellow +45 353-25397 E-mail
Tsinovoi, Alexei Postdoc +45 353-31473 E-mail
Versloot, Larissa Muriel PhD fellow +45 353-31858 E-mail
Wangen, Patrice Postdoc +45 353-24839 E-mail
Wivel, Anders Professor with special responsibilities +45 353-23358 E-mail
Wæver, Ole Director of centre, professor +45 353-23431 E-mail

Honorary Professors

Name Employment
Emanuel Adler University of Toronto, Canada
Barry Buzan London School of Economics, UK