Arctic Politics

Since 2014, the Arctic Politics Research Seminars have engaged a broad range of scholars from the social sciences and humanities in discussions on themes ranging from geopolitics via negotiations in the Danish 'community of the realm' to Greenlandic nation building

Papers for the seminars are circulated one week in advance, so that the seminars may proceed on the assumption that all participants have read the papers. Hence, the papers are not presented as such - only a brief contextualization is given. The seminars are now co-convened by CIRCLA (Aalborg University) and the Arctic Politics research group (University of Copenhagen). Venues alternate between Aalborg University Campus Copenhagen in Sydhavnen and University of Copenhagen City Campus at Kommunehospitalet

Arctic Politics





The seminars are open for all scholars, but please sign up here to receive papers in advance or to join the mailing list.












































Arctic Research at the Faculty of the Social Sciences, UCPH

  • Waterworlds, Dept. of Anthropology, UCPH
  • NOW-project, Dept. of Anthropology, UPCH
  • Centre for Military Studies (CMS), Dept. of Political Science, UCPH
  • Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), UCPH


Arctic Research at UCPH

  • The Committee for Greenlandic Mineral Resources to Benefit of Society (Til gavn for Grønland)
  • Eskimology and Artic Studies, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and regional Studies, UCPH
  • Denmark and the new North Atlantic: Identity Positions, Natural Resources and Cultural Heritage, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and regional Studies, UCPH
  • Colonial Policing, Law and Penal Practices: Rationalities, Technics and Subjects, The SAXO Institute, UCPH
  • Polar Science Centre, Faculty of Science, UCPH 


Collaborators, network and ressources

  • International Arctic Social Sciences Assosiation
  • Ilisimatusarfik
  • Grønlands statistik
  • The Arctic Institute- Center for Circumpolar Security Studies
  • Martin Breum
  • Dansk Institut for Internationale Studier (DIIS)
  • Norsk Utenrikspolitisk Institutt (NUPI)
  • Greenland Climate Research Center (GCRC)
  • Copenhagen Business School, Department of Business and Politics
  • Isaaffik Arctic Gateway
  • Greenland Perspective
  • The Ice Law Project
  • Maritime Preparedness and International Partnership in the High North (MARPART)
  • Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies












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Corry, Olaf Associate Professor +4535332112 E-mail
Jakobsen, Uffe Associate Professor +4535323404 E-mail
Kristensen, Kristian Søby Head of Centre, Senior Researcher +4535324084 E-mail