Photographer: Sara Galbiati

An important part of the program is the individual supervision. Each Ph.D.-student will be assigned to a professor or an associate professor from the department as their main supervisor, who’s primary job is to provide academic counselling. Furthermore, the main supervisor is responsible for making sure that the Ph.D.-student gets the opportunity to build networks amongst researchers outside of the University of Copenhagen. A second supervisor can be appointed where necessary.

Apart from guiding the student with regards to their thesis, the supervisor will ensure that the student completes research training that conforms to the requirements for attaining the Ph.D.-degree. The student and the supervisor have joint responsibility for working out an individual study plan and for revising this if and when necessary. The supervisor and Ph.D.-student will make twice-yearly evaluations of the student's progress. By the end of the education, the supervisor must submit a written statement about whether the student has fulfilled the education in a satisfactory manner with regards to the requirements of the program.
The department must be able to provide a supervisor that fits with the main parts of the research project, for the student to be enrolled in the program.