Open University

On Open University, you can take single courses from the Department of Political Science to supplement your educational programme.

The purpose is to allow people with specific needs to augment their competence within certain disciplines. For example, upper secondary teachers wanting to study single subjects at a level equivalent to subsidiary subjects in social studies to upgrade their professional competence, or people who require specific knowledge in connection with their work, e.g. industrial relations policies or EU institutions.

Study programmes at the Open University are usually arranged to suit the individual. It is, for example, only possible to take single courses or, as a maximum, take the equivalent of a subsidiary degree in social studies. It is not possible, therefore, to take a full bachelor’s or master’s degree in political science at the Open University.

Lectures will follow the ordinary teaching plan and will take place in the daytime, often lasting several days.

Students at Open University are automatically enrolled for exams in the same semester as they attend the course. Whereas it is possible to cancel exams, you cannot take leave from the course you have booked. All exams take place on weekdays in the daytime as do assignments lasting several days.

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