For applicants

PhD scholarships at the Department of Political Science are advertised once a year with a closing date for applications around the 1st of May.

Here you can find information about how to getting a PhD at the Department of Political Science.

Usually open call vacancies (meaning PhD employment/ job postings without any specific field of research) are published in March on the "Jobportal". 

This means that all requirements of the application will be stated on here as well, incl. where the application must be submitted and exact appendixes. When applying for an open call vacancy you also apply for a scholarship automatically. In other words self-proposed PhD project applicants are therefor able to apply once a year in March.  

Please note that there are different types of vacancies, some are open call vacancies which you can apply for once a year and some are vacancies that are project-based with financial grants/ scholarships according to this - these will be published continuously on the Job Portal.  

When applying for a PhD vacancy (except as a visiting PhD student) you automatically apply for enrolment and for a scholarship.