Studying abroad

Photographer: Sara Galbiati

The student must participate in active research environments, not only at the institution, but also through residency at other research institutions, primarily abroad. When choosing other research institutes, an important factor is not only the quality of the place in question, but also the relevance for the work on the dissertation, as both research, courses and teaching must be executed during the stay.

Students who have been abroad express that their stay has given them a broader international network and has helped to advance their careers.

The duration of the stay should be at least three months, must not exceed one year, and should preferably take place abroad.

The PhD Program Committee can provide grants for long-term research stays abroad after application. Note: For external students and students paid via external appropriation, this item will often be covered by the employer or grant authorizer - therefore check your contract to make sure that you are entitled to apply the program committee for grants!

You can apply grants for:

  • Cheapest return tickets (book trough Carlson Wagonlit)
  • Transport to and from airport
  • Visa if needed
  • Living and housing (2.500 DKK pr. month or 2.500/30=83 DKK pr. day)
  • Basic insurance is covered by University of Copenhagen (Remember to pick up your insurance card at the reception, CSS, building 1, ground floor before you travel)

All costs must be documented with receipts. Travels must be booked via the agreements that the department/ UCPH at the time of application has made (see For now it is Carlson Wagonlit).

The Program Committee grants may not cover the full expenses, thus it is recommended that you apply for funds or external grants.

In some cases, you can apply for funds to cover expenses in connection with the stay (fee for photocopying, access to library, etc.). You cannot apply for funds to recoup a tuition fee, i.e. the typical payment required to be allowed to be at the university. Most students will go through a "Visiting Fellow" status, which does not require any registration fees and in many cases this is done through the supervisor or other faculties’ personal contacts.

Applications may be sent to the Head of the PhD program at any time. The supervisor must confirm to the Head of the PhD program that the application is supported by him/her when the application is submitted (can be done by sending an "ok" with an email).

It is recommended for PhD students to stay abroad for between 3 and 12 months. However, it is not a formal requirement. Stays can be at other universities, research institutions or fieldwork. Stays beyond 12 months must be substantiated and are separately arranged with the Head of the PhD program, the supervisor and the Head of Department.