1 September 2022

Study start at political science: "There are no sharp elbows here"


The Department of Political Science enters the autumn semester with an ambition that all students and staff members should thrive and feel included in the community.

Students at the University of Copenhagen - Photo: Sara Galbiati
Photo: Sara Galbiati

A welcoming, inclusive, professional and respectful culture is not developed overnight. The Department of Political Science has therefore worked thoroughly and for a long time on a new code of conduct which was adopted in December 2021.

"The code of conduct reflects our core values ​​and emphasizes the necessity of a safe and healthy working and study environment," says head of department Nina Græger and elaborates:

"We insist on having a culture based on mutual respect, where everyone - students and employees - is treated equally. And should disagreement and conflict arise, we insist on resolving the situation in a respectful, civilized manner.”

An open study environment

Well-being and inclusion are also absolute keywords for the tutors’ contact committee, which is responsible for welcoming the new students.

"As a new student of political science or social studies, you will from the very beginning experience an environment that is open to everyone and ties new and old cohorts together in a large department," says tutor Frederik Filtenborg Herrguth.

There are numerous access roads to the study environment at The Department of Political Science.

"Many students get involved in our revue, various debating associations, professional associations, study tours, the student cafe Jacques D, associations across programs and not least our intro course for the new students," explains tutor Jonathan Skovdal.

Respect each other's boundaries

The young people, who now get their daily routine at the department, will have ample opportunity to share experiences and ideas with each other – academically as well as socially.

"What makes life as a political science or social studies student cool is certainly that you feel both academically and socially stimulated. The two things often go hand in hand," assesses tutor Sofie Dilling-Hansen.

"There are no sharp elbows here, on the contrary we have a great tradition of lifting together," emphasizes tutor Olivia Zangger.

For head of department Nina Græger, the spirit of community is also the foundation for the further work to create the best possible study and working environment at the Department of Political Science. This includes respecting everyone’s boundaries.

"We work together to develop a common understanding of where the boundaries are between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Everyone's boundaries must be respected. And if they are not, no one should be in any doubt that we treat all cases seriously and listen to all affected parties - regardless of role and status here at the department," she concludes.

For more info

Do you have questions for the tutor contact committee at the Department of Political Science? Then write to: kontaktudvalget2022@outlook.dk

Do you want to know more about the "Code of Conduct"? Read along here: Code of conduct announced