14 June 2022

Code of conduct announced

Code of conduct

In order to clarify our continuous commitment to ensuring a welcoming, inclusive, professional and respectful culture at the Department for Political Science, we have developed a number of materials about the department's code of conduct.

Code of conduct picture mosaic.

The Code of Conduct was finalized on 15 December 2021 and put into effect immediately thereafter.

It signals our shared ambition to work against/minimize/eliminate prejudice, discrimination and harassment on grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disabilities, age or political opinions. The code of conduct further reflects our core values and dedication to providing a safe and respectful work and study environment with equal opportunities for everyone.

An action plan covering all arenas of interaction – professional and social – will support the implementation of an everyday awareness of and compliance with the values expressed in this code of conduct. The management at the Department of Political Science is responsible for the revision of the code of conduct and Action Plan, as appropriate, and in accordance with the University’s guidelines for the prevention of offensive behaviour and legal rules in Denmark.

As with all phases of the process leading up to the completion of the Code of Conduct on December 15, 2021, revisions will be conducted in consultation with staff and students.

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