28 February 2023

Exam paper developed into article in international journal


It started as an exam project during the covid-19 lockdown. It later became a collaboration between two students and their lecturer, leading to a publication in the journal Review of International Studies.

Image from the comic book, where the character 'Aleppo Man' tells about the bombing of Aleppo
Image from the comic book, where the character 'Aleppo Man' tells about the bombing of Aleppo. Illustration: Marius Hauge Hvithamar

In 2021, two political science students, Frederik Windfeld and Marius Hvithamar, wrote an exam paper on the media coverage of the war in Aleppo.

"We spent an insane amount of energy on the exam paper because there was a lock down atmosphere and strange times. It became a passion project because we could sit together in a time that was a bit lonely," Frederik Windfeld tells Uniavisen.

The assignment, which included two short comic strips, was so good that their teacher, Professor Lene Hansen, suggested that she and the two students should write an article together based on the assignment. 

"There was potential for an article that could go into a top international journal," Lene Hansen tells Uniavisen.

Co-authors, not students

Now, two years later, their article – with a new and longer cartoon – has been published in the prestigious journal Review of International Studies.

"From the beginning, she (Lene Hansen, ed.) made it clear that we were co-authors, not students. We had to be able to contradict her, to disagree and in that way create a new dynamic. That's why it's a completely different article to the one we handed in almost two years ago. It's a new project that we all own," Windfeld stresses.

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