Rewards at the top

The primary purpose of the project is to gain knowledge of which preferences the citizens and politicians have with regards to the remuneration of politicians, and what drives these preferences. The second main purpose is to gain a more nuanced understanding of the positive and negative consequences of being a politician.

The project consists of two main parts. The first part examines the preference of remuneration from the perspective of both the citizens and the politicians, whereas the second part of the project examines the actual remunerations of the politicians.



































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Lene Holm Pedersen Professor +4535335828 E-mail

Funded by

The Independent Research Fund Denmark

Rewards at the top has received funding from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

Project: Rewards at the top
Project period: 2016-2023


Lene Holm Pedersen
Phone: + 45 35 33 58 28 

External researchers

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Nikolai Kristensen VIVE
Rasmus Tue Pedersen VIVE
Jens Olav Dahlgaard CBS
Benjamin Egerod CBS