The Challenge of Populist Memory Politics for Europe (MEMOCRACY)

This project investigates the memory laws of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Germany, assessing their compatibility with the democratic standards of the European Union and the Council of Europe. Our aim is to contribute to the debate on democratic memory governance in the transnational European space.

Photo: Private archive of Maria Mälksoo
Photo: Private archive of Maria Mälksoo.

This interdisciplinary project explores CEE memory laws and wars from the perspective of militant democracy and mnemonic constitutionalism. The research consortium will conduct in-depth case studies of the memory laws and policies of Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, and Russia.





Maria Mälksoo's paper 'Writing Deterrence Differently' in Workshop ZB: 'Writing International Politics: From style and methods to power and poetics', 9th European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS 2022), University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece, 6-9 July 2022.

Maria Mälksoo’s paper “Memory Laws as Deterrence Devices in State Ontological Security-Seeking” in the MEMOCRACY panel “Dismantling Memory Fences: Conceptual Bases, Purposes and Functioning of Memory Laws” at the CEEISA 2022 Convention in Bratislava, Slovakia, 22-24 June 2022.

Maria Mälksoo convenes two roundtables at the CEEISA 2022 Convention in Bratislava, Slovakia, 22-24 June 2022:

  • “The Dream is Over? Roundtable on the 1989 class of democracy”
  • “Roundtable on the Future of European Memory”

Maria Mälksoo speaking at the MEMOCRACY roundtable “Ruling on the Basis of Memory in Central and Eastern Europe”, 9th Annual Conference of the Historical Dialogues, Justice & Memory Network “Beyond Nuremberg: The Global Search for Accountability” in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 9 June 2022.

Maria Mälksoo, invited lecture “Who’s Afraid of Memory Laws? Theorising Deterrence in Memory Politics”, in the Institute of International Relations Prague, Advances in International Studies series of academic talksPrague, Czech Republic, 26 May 2022.

Maria Mälksoo, invited presentation “Theorising Mnemopolitical Deterrence” at the international symposium Critical Theories of History and MemoryUniversity of Maastricht, Netherlands, 19-20 May 2022.

Maria Mälksoo speaking at the CEU Department of International Relations Roundtable Discussion “Memory politics and Russia’s war in Ukraine”20 April 2022. 

Maria Mälksoo at the Panel Debate “When the Past is Abused to Ruin the Future – Putin’s Historic Distortion of History”, MEMOCRACY Project’s 1st Public Event at the University of Cologne, Germany, 8 April 2022.

Maria Mälksoo’s paper “The Logic of Ritual Action in International Security and Memory Politics” at the International Studies Association (ISA) 2022 Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, USA2 April 2022.

Maria Mälksoo at the roundtable “Quo Vadis Historical IR? On the Place and Future of Historical Inquiry in International Relations”, at the International Studies Association (ISA) 2022 Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 31 March 2022.

Maria Mälksoo’s talk “Who Wants to be a Buffer Zone? Russia’s War against Ukraine and the East European Agency” at the University of Alberta, Kule Institute for Advanced Study Webinar “Russia’s War Against Ukraine and the World”, 17 March 2022.

Maria Mälksoo’s invited paper “Memory Laws as Deterrence Devices in State Ontological Security-Seeking” at the Workshop on the Politics of Memory, University of Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall, 10 March 2022.

Maria Mälksoo interviewed for the Baltic Ways Podcast, Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies, 16 February 2022.


Maria Mälksoo at the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) webinar Memory Wars: Contesting History Thirty Years after the Soviet Collapse, September 30, 2021.








University of Cologne, 8 April 2022.

Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences, 8-9 December 2022.















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Prof. Dr. Angelika Nußberger, M. A.
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University of Amsterdam (UvA)
Center for International and European Law
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