Images and International Security

Obama and Biden await updates on bin Laden
Obama and Biden await updates on bin Laden. Photo: Pete Souza / Public domain

Project period: 2013-2018

The project has examined how images – video, photos, cartoons and posters for example - come to stand at the center of international security. Some images are produced as part of a deliberate media strategy by governmental and non-governmental actors. Other images become the subject of political contestation even though it is hard to identify strategies and intentionality. The project has shown how images move across state borders and how social media has expanded the number of images that can be produced and circulated. Images have the capacity to invoke emotions and the project has examined the ways in which this leads to calls for political action. The project has developed theory and methods through which specific, iconic images as well as large numbers of images can be examined. The project has produced theory, method and analysis of for example terrorist videos, diplomatic processes, and the iconic photo of Alan Kurdi.














































The project was funded by


Images and International Security was funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research, Social Science

Project: Images and International Security (grant number: DFF – 1327-00056B)
Principal Investigator: Professor Lene Hansen, University of Copenhagen
Start: 15 October 2013 
End: 31 August 2018