Behavioral and Experimental Public Administration Lab

Behavioral and Experimental Public Administration Lab (BEPAL) is a virtual lab, led by Professor WSB Asmus Leth Olsen, spanning research projects within the field of public administration that draw on psychological theories and use experimental designs.

BEPAL aims to bridge the gap between research in (political) psychology and public administration in order improve public services and the public sector's responsiveness to citizens' aspirations. Behavioral insights and evidence in the service of citizens and democracy.  

BEPAL links basic research to practice and welcomes suggestions and ideas for collaboration with external partners in both the public, private, and non-profit sector.




























































































































































”The Behavioral Citizen”-projects from 2019 to 2022 are funded by the Sapere Aude-programme of the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

"Correcting Misperceptions about Societal Problems"-project from January to December 2020 is funded by Trygfonden.