Talk Series: Quantum meets society #3

This talk is hosted in English.

Quantum revolution 2.0 is looming, and it could change our society in ways we don't understand. Quantum computers, quantum mechanics and quantum communication are often presented as solutions to society's biggest challenges - green transition, health, security, etc. Currently, physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists are working intensively to develop the world's first fully functional quantum computer. The potential is enormous, but what actually happens when quantum technology meets society?

What is quantum, and what will the relationship between quantum technology, people and societies be like? How will it affect international politics and security? And can we even regulate a limitless and abstract quantum technology?

In this conversation series, quantum scientists and social scientists from the University of Copenhagen meet to explore potentials, challenges and missing links in intersection between quantum technology and society. The format is a curious armchair conversation - and there will be no such thing as "stupid questions".

The talk of the day

How can we govern and regulate Quantum?

Klaus Mølmer (Professor, Quantum Optics) meets Kevin Jon Heller (Professor, International Law and Security)

In the third talk of the series, we explore the opportunities and challenges when it comes to regulating Quantum in an international society.

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We offer coffee and croissants from 8.45-9.00.

Kristian Søby Kristensen, head of the Center for Military Studies and Rebecca Adler-Nissen, director of strategic partnerships, Social Data Science (SODAS), will introduce the talk.

The talk series is organized by SODAS, Center for Military Studies & the Department of Political Science in collaboration with the UCPH Quantum Hub.