gender@SAMF: Social data science and gender

Do you ever wonder, how social data science may be beneficial to – or even transform – your social science research on gender/with a gender perspective (or other social groups)? If so, come around for gender@SAMF extended lunch 22 June at 12:30-14:30 in Tórshavn (4.2.49), where Isabelle Augenstein will present ideas for data collections, research questions, collaborations etc. which could be explored with social data science.

Isabelle Augenstein is professor of computer science and her prior research on gender bias includes developing methods to detect such biases in large corpora, including on social media, as well as in large language models.

We will also explore avenues for further collaboration, so, come if you want to learn or get inspired – and if you already have ideas you want developed.

Sign up by 18 June 2023 to get lunch (please let us know about dietary requirements):

gender@SAMF is an initiative, funded by the Department of Political Science, to further collaboration on research and teaching on gender within the Faculty of Social Science 2022-2023, organized by Karina Kosiara-Pedersen and Emily St Denny.