Gender@SAMF: Research seminar on gendered representation

Women are consistently underrepresented among party members, who traditionally make up the pool of potential candidates, among candidates nominated by political parties and at every level of most elected legislatures. In this research seminar, we explore explanations for this underrepresentation.


12:00 Welcome

12:05 Bill Cross (Professor, Political Science, Carleton University, Ottawa): Sport as a pathway to political office: addressing or exacerbating the under-representation of women?

13:00 Karl Emil Bendtsen, Frederik Kjøller Larsen & Lene Holm Pedersen (University of Copenhagen): The Causal Effect of Women on Agenda-Setting, Policy Output and Policy Outcome

13:30 Rozemarijn van Dijk (University of Antwerp): The (Un)Representative Preferences of Party Members. Do party members compile representative candidate lists?

14:00 Coffee break

14:15 Karina Kosiara-Pedersen (University of Copenhagen): Inhibited Representation. When harassment diminishes representation

14:45 Discussion across presentations

15:05 Frederik Hjorth & Frederik Kjøller Larsen (University of Copenhagen): ODER: Origins of Descriptive Representation

15:35 The field of gendered representation – where should we go from here?

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