Book Presentation by Francesco Duina

The EU’s numerous trade agreements across the world are more than economic projects. By setting standards across many policy areas, they are also far-reaching initiatives capable of shaping not only economic but also political and social life in the EU and its trading partners. What can we say, then, about the content of those agreements?

Drawing from economic sociology, Francesco Duina will present data from his new edited volume Standardizing the World: EU Trade Policy and the Road to Convergence (Oxford University Press 2023). He will discuss what is being standardized, whether the EU always prevails in projecting its worldviews, and what explains the observable patterns across policy areas and geographies.


  • Introduction by Peter Nedergaard
  • Francesco Duina will present his new edited volume Standardizing the World: EU Trade Policy and the Road to Convergence (Oxford University Press 2023)
  • Q&A

About Professor Francesco Duina

M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. B.A., M.A., University of Chicago.
Francesco Duina is Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology and a faculty member of the European Studies Program at Bates College. He is also Chair of the Social Sciences Division (2022-2026).

Francesco has held appointments at Harvard University, Copenhagen Business School, and the University of British Columbia (where he was Professor and Head of Sociology during 2013-2015).

His work lies at the intersections of economic sociology, political sociology, and international political economy. He is especially interested in globalization, international organizations, and the continuing relevance of nation states. In that context, he has written on a variety of themes – such as international trade, competition, consumer policy, nationalism, democracy, law, and regional integration. Much of his work is comparative (Europe, the Americas, Asia, and beyond) and in theoretical terms adopts an institutionalist perspective.

Along with scholars from five other universities, Francesco is a partner in the Jean Monnet Network on Transatlantic Trade Politics (Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union) for 2020-2024. The initiative is led by Carleton University.