Application procedure

The following documents should be attached to your application:

  • Entry qualification certificate (upper secondary school leaving certificate, or similar)
  • Certified B-level pass in mathematics as part of entry qualification
  • Certificate of bachelor’s or master’s programme
  • Danish language test (foreign candidates only, except citizens from the Nordic countries)
  • Reference from e.g. employer or Job Centre evidencing that the candidate has a special need for further education
  • Application accompanied by a motivational letter

If you have already been admitted to a Department of Political Science Open University single subject programme, you only need to submit the electronic application form. You are not required to attach exam certificates, references, and the motivational letter once more.

Please note: Never forward the original certificates.

You will receive a reply to your application shortly after the application deadline. If you are admitted, you will receive an email confirming your admittance together with an invoice payable no later than two weeks after the invoice date. You will receive your definitive letter of admittance when your payment has been registered.

Please note that you will not have access to the course website in 'Absalon' (our internal tutor/student communication platform) nor receive your student’s card, etc. before your payment has been registered.