Benjamin Carl Krag Egerod

Benjamin Carl Krag Egerod

Research assistant

I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Copenhagen, and a Bradley Fellow at the University of Chicago. I received the Stigler Dissertation Award from the University of Chicago's Stigler Center in the year 2018/19.

I specialize in positive political economics and political methodology. My research focuses on political careers, corporate lobbyism and the mechanisms that forces policy makers to respond to pressure from the public and special interests alike. These are classical themes in political science which I attempt to shed new light on by deducing new testable implications as well as by using previously underutilized data sources and new estimation techniques. To this end, my methodological focus is on measurement theory and causal inference with observational panel data.

During the fall of 2019 I will teach the courses Political Data Science, Advanced Quantative Methods and Comparative Politics 3.

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Political Data Science:

Advanced Quantitative Methods:

Comparative Politics 3:


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