Anine Hagemann

Anine Hagemann

PhD fellow, Postdoc

Member of:

  • Centre for Resolution of International Conflicts

My research interests are peacemaking, peacebuilding and diplomatic practice.

My current project, Inventing Protection: The birth of the protection of civilians sites in South Sudan (2021) examines the surprising event of the ‘opening of the gates moment’ in South Sudan in 2013, when civil war broke out and the UN peacekeeping mission saved tens of thousands of lives. I show how practices can shape institutions in international politics and I trace the invention and development of a new form of territorialized protection in the UN protection of civilians sites.

I am also working on several peace mediation processes, including women’s involvement in these. I am further studying practices of Nordic peace and conflict resolution efforts and the links between research and policy. Lastly, I work on the interplay between climate change solutions and conflict.

I am generally interested in linking academic thinking to practices. I am a diplomat on leave from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and during my sabbatical I have continued to do work for the Danish government and the international diplomatic community. I am a member of the Nordic Women Mediators Network and I am on the board of the NGO Conducive Space for Peace.

In fall of 2021, I am teaching as part of the Gender and Politics course and the Concepts of IR course. Past teaching has included modules in the Core program on international relations and conflict resolution and a course on Peacebuilding: Theories, Methods and Culture.

ID: 13905580