PhD (Internal)

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Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Bertram, Caroline PhD fellow European Union, trade policy, foreign policy, sustainability, sustainable development, international political economy, international organizations, international regimes, climate policy, labour protection, international relations +45 353-25622 E-mail
Bjerre, Karsten Storgaard PhD Fellow Public administration, child welfare, social impact bonds, social investments, management accounting, effectiveness, qualitative comparative analysis, managerial short-termism +45 51 63 33 14 E-mail
Byrjalsen, Niels PhD Fellow International Relations, Trust, NATO, Subversion, Transatlantic relations, European security, International order +45 353-36847 E-mail
Campera de Rezende Soares, Ana C PhD fellow European Administrative Networks; Implementation of EU's policies; EU Environmental policy; Regulatory governance; Europeanization +45 353-31166 E-mail
Cappelen, Christoffer Pfeiffer PhD fellow Comparative politics, state formation, state capacity, democratization, conflict, quantitative methods, GIS, data science, political history, political development, political institutions +45 353-20717 E-mail
Castro, Vic PhD fellow International relations, security studies, speech act theory, - post structuralism, material turn, cyberspace, digital privacy +45 353-21299 E-mail
Cooper-Cunningham, Dean PhD Fellow Poststructuralism, Constructivism, International Relations, Security, Visual Politics , Feminism, Gender, Sexuality, Queer Theory, LGBTQ+ +45 353-37312 E-mail
Damsbo-Svendsen, Søren PhD fellow Political opinion formation, political behaviour, public opinion on climate change, personal weather experiences, media effects, agenda-setting, quantitative methods and data, causal inference +45 353-21446 E-mail
Dichman, Anne-Sofie PhD Fellow Political theory, democratic theory, feminist theory, social movements, Les Gilets Jaunes, French politics +45 353-31656 E-mail
Ejsing, Mads PhD Fellow Political Theory, democratic theory, radical democracy, climate politics, New materialism +45 353-31055 E-mail
Hagemann, Anine PhD Fellow International relations, peace and conflict, UN, peacebuilding, diplomacy, peace negotiations, women, peace and security, US multilateralism, climate conflicts, Nordic cooperation, South Sudan, Norden, USA +45 353-35054 E-mail
Hansen, Paw Havgaard PhD fellow Motivation, behavioral psychology, quantitative and qualitative methods in the study of public administration, citizen-state interactions, individual decision making +45 353-32068 E-mail
Heide-Jørgensen, Tobias PhD Fellow Political economy, political psychology, political behavior, political attitude formation, attitudes toward the welfare state, self-interest, political ideology, quantitative methods, causal inference +45 353-31645 E-mail
Holm, Minda PhD Fellow Ideology; New Right; Social theory; International Relations; Political Theory; Liberalism; Sovereignty; Liberal order +4745282951 E-mail
Humer, Matthias PhD fellow International Relations, Security Studies, Gender, Visual Politics, Constructivism, Poststructuralism +45 353-31013 E-mail
Kaalund, Mathilde PhD Fellow +45 353-28295 E-mail
Larsen, Frederik Kristoffer Kjøller PhD Fellow Returns to political office, political careers, political favours, political dynasties, political economy, causal inference, quantitative methods +45 353-26884 E-mail
Möller-Christensen, Maria Toft PhD fellow Actor Network Theory ANT, civil society, climate policy, governance, local, norms, participation, social (environmental) movements, sustainability +45 353-25347 E-mail
Nielsen, Kitt Plinia Bjerregaard Part-time lecturer   E-mail
Rigkos-Zitthen, Ioannis PhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-20587 E-mail
Rohlfing Frederiksen, Regitze Helene PhD fellow Democracy theory, Democratic backsliding, Civil Society and social movements, EU, Courts role in democracy, Central- and Eastern Europe, Nord Africa +45 353-30689 E-mail
Versloot, Larissa Muriel PhD fellow International Relations, Trust and Distrust, Multilateral Diplomacy, EU, UN, Coalitions, Constructivism, Practice Theory +45 353-31858 E-mail
Vestergaard, Karsten Tingleff PhD fellow EU, European integration, euroscepticism, political attitude formation, quantitative methods, rational choice +45 353-25358 E-mail
Vierø, Jeppe PhD Fellow Comparative politics, Historical political economy, Political institutions, Quantitative methods, Causal inference, Political and economic history, Spatial data, Economic development +45 353-31756 E-mail
von der Maase, Simon Polichinel PhD fellow Images as data, Deep Learning, IR, Conflict Studies, Comparative politics, Machine learning, Predictions and forecasting +45 353-21217 E-mail