PhD (Internal)

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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Bjerre, Karsten StorgaardPhD fellow PhD fellow +45 51 63 33 14E-mail
Cappelen, Christoffer PfeifferPhD student PhD fellow +45 353-21418E-mail
Dahl, MaltePhD fellow Causal inference, economic discrimination, experiments, integration, minorities, political behavior, stereotypes +45 353-37924E-mail
Dichman, Anne-SofiePhD student  +45 353-31656E-mail
Dreyer, JakobPhD student International relations, Security studies, international interventions, conflict studies, military studies, revolutionary politics, speech act theory, Iraq, the Middle East +45 353-36943E-mail
Ejsing, MadsPhD student Political Theory, democratic theory, radical democracy, climate politics, New materialism +45 353-31055E-mail
Hagemann, AninePhD student  +45 353-35054E-mail
Hansen, Paw HavgaardPhD fellow Motivation, political psychology, quantitative and qualitative analyses in public administration research, interaction between citizens and public employees, behaviour and decision making +45 353-32068E-mail
Heide-Jørgensen, TobiasPhD fellow  +45 353-31645E-mail
Holm, MindaPhD fellow Ph.D. Fellow +4745282951E-mail
Jacobsen, MarcPhD fellow Arctic, copenhagen school, danish foreign affairs, the danish realm, discourse, Greenland, identity, international relations, postcolonialism, poststructuralism +45 353-31360E-mail
Lambert, MarinaPhD fellow Discourse analysis, EU, european identity, european integration, identity construction, myths, psychoanalysis, symbols +45 353-31362E-mail
Larsen, Frederik Kristoffer KjøllerPhD student  +45 353-35275E-mail
Ma, YiPhD Fellow Soft law governance in EU; soft law governance in China; Chinese politics; comparative politics; etc +45 353-32663E-mail
Möller-Christensen, Maria ToftPhD fellow Actor Network Theory ANT, civil society, climate policy, governance, local, norms, participation, social (environmental) movements, sustainability +45 353-25347E-mail
Nielsen, Anne BachPhD fellow Climate change adaptation, climate disasters, global climate governance, resilient cities  E-mail
Nielsen, Kitt Plinia BjerregaardPhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-22051E-mail
Rigkos-Zitthen, IoannisPhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-20587E-mail
Rohrbach, LiviaPhD fellow Authoritarian regimes, comparative politics, democratization, ethnic conflict, peace and conflict studies, peace building, political and territorial power sharing, subnational governance +45 353-35477E-mail
Svendsen, ØyvindPhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-25397E-mail
Versloot, LarissaPhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-31858E-mail
Vestergaard, Karsten TingleffPhD fellow EU, European integration, euroscepticism, political attitude formation, quantitative methods, rational choice +45 353-25358E-mail
Vierø, JeppePhD student  +45 353-31756E-mail