Tobias Heide-Jørgensen

Tobias Heide-Jørgensen


I study attitudes toward the welfare state. The modern welfare state intervenes in our lives in many different and consequential ways. Whereas some people strongly oppose this, others embrace the institutions and policies underpinning the welfare state. Why is that? That is the question that I try to answer in my PhD project.

Specifically, I focus on how and under what circumcstances material self-interest and political ideology have an impact on how people evaluate welfare policies and institutions (e.g., taxation, social benefits, and redistribution). I also analyze how these two potential drivers of welfare attitudes may interact. My research falls in the intersection between political science, political economy, and political psychology. I use a combination of Danish survey and registry data and advanced quantitative research designs.

The project is supervised by Peter Thisted Dinesen.

Primary fields of research

  • Political behavior and political attitudes
  • Attitudes toward the welfare state
  • Self-interest in politics
  • Ideology in politics
  • Quantitative methods
  • Experimental and natural-experimental designs
  • Causality

ID: 226569625