ISPACE – international security politics and climate engineering

‘Climate engineering’ is rising up the global agenda. Assessments based on technical rationales tend to overlook implications of the international context. This project proposes an analysis of the security dynamics engendered by it and aims to contribute to more realistic assessment of the political feasibility and desirability of such methods.


“Climate geoengineering is a new challenge in climate security – we will be collecting evidence at scientific, diplomatic and strategic knowledge-production sites and processes to explore its implications for international security, especially focusing on the Arctic”.










































Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Nikolaj Kornbech Student FU +4542630808 E-mail
Olaf Corry Associate Professor +4535332112 E-mail

Funded byIndependent Research Fund Denmark

ISPACE has received funding from the Independent Research Fund Denmark
Pilot study (GEOPOLE) funded by Christopher Reynolds Foundation

Project: ISPACE
Project period:  2019-2023


Olaf Corry
Phone: +45 35 33 21 12

External researchers:

Name Employment
Duncan P. McLaren University of Lancaster