e-NOTE: European Network on Teaching Excellence

What is “teaching excellence” in Higher Education? Which different teaching excellence training, promotion and reward schemes exist across Europe? How can a common European teaching scheme look like?

The e-NOTE project seeks to answer these questions. The Department of Political Science cooperates with five other universities and institutes across Europe. Leiden University leads the project.

Jacob Gerner Hariri gives a lecture. Photo: Sara Galbiati
Photo: Sara Galbiati

This three-year project develops best practices in the field of online and offline teaching excellence related to Bachelor and Master teaching as well as PhD supervision. It places particular emphasis on how to implement excellence in teaching and mentoring in the context of COVID and related online adaptations.

Upcoming activity: ’Second PhD Supervision Excellence Training for Academic Staff’, 5-9 June 2023. More information below. Registration deadline May 25.





































E-NOTE Second Teaching Excellence Training for Academic Staff
Programme (pdf).

The European Network on Teaching Excellence hereby announce our next Teaching Excellence training for Academic Staff event that takes place online from 9-13 January 2023. The training is organized under the auspices of the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project E-NOTE. Copenhagen University host the event in cooperation with the universities of Leiden, Coimbra and Charles.

Each day, a specific group is prioritized, Teachers, Developers, Managers and European Institutions and National Agencies. As a participant, you have the flexibility of choosing from the various program panels.

The focus of the training will be on how to do excellent teaching and teacher training and how to ensure a supportive and development oriented environment for excellent teaching and teacher training at a departmental, institutional as well as at a national and international level. The design of the programme takes the variations in stage of development and implementation of Teaching Excellence programmes into consideration. There will be a mix of presentations and workshops with different focus depending on the participants needs.

The event is organized to benefit university management staff, higher education learning and development professionals and teaching staff. The objective of the event is to display good case studies of excellence training, including training curricula development and allow participants to gain hands-on experience through practical workshops. Participants should bring a case of their own to share and develop during the event.


The training programme will be updated continuously as the speakers confirm their participation. The expected timeframe is 9:30-17:00 CET.

Deadline for registration was December 1st, 2022.

By December 8, 2022, you will get an answer from the organizers.



We are happy to announce the Second PhD Supervision Excellence Training for Academic Staff organised by the European Network On Teaching Excellence (E-NOTE) funded by the Erasmus+. Throughout the week we will discuss doctoral supervision in higher education, debating, collectively, on different types and models of supervision, sharing best practices and pedagogical methodologies, exploring career development support to doctoral researchers, well-being, mental health, and much more. Come and learn from specialists but also from colleagues from different contexts in Europe.

The training is conducted in English, it is online and free of charge. It runs from June 5 to 9 (9:30 am - 4:30 pm CET). You can register for the full week or for the number of days that you prefer.

Check the programme (pdf)

Register now until May 25!

Looking forward to seeing you there!



Second PhD Supervision Excellence Training for Academic Staff, 5-9 June 2023.

Look in the programme (pdf)

Speakers Bio (pdf)










Name Title Phone E-mail
Adler-Nissen, Rebecca Professor +4530224075 E-mail
Berg-Sørensen, Anders Associate Professor +4535323449 E-mail
Eady, Gregory Assistant Professor - Tenure Track   E-mail
Græger, Nina Head of Department, Professor +4535337662 E-mail
Hjorth, Frederik Georg Associate Professor +4535324104 E-mail
Jensen, Hanne Nexø Associate Professor +4535323415 E-mail
Junk, Wiebke Marie Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535333812 E-mail
Kosiara-Pedersen, Karina Associate Professor +4535323416 E-mail
Marcussen, Martin Professor +4535323499 E-mail
Tønder, Lars Professor with special responsibilities +4535320489 E-mail
von Müllen, Rikke Lyngby Educational Adviser +4535324534 E-mail

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e-NOTE: European Network on Teaching Excellence is a research project funded by the European Union’s Erasmus + Programme (KA 203 Strategic Partnership).

Project: e-NOTE: European Network on Teaching Excellence
Period: 2020-2023


Hanne Nexø Jensen
Project coordinator
Nina Græger
Project coordinator and e-Note Steering Group Member