4 March 2021

Political Science Professor contributes to Climate Hack conference

Climate Hack: Water

The 'Climate Hack: Water' conference organised by Aalborg University (AAU) taking place on March 11, 2021 will have contributions from inter alia Professor MSO Lars Tønder from the Department of Political Science, KU.

The main objective of the Climate Hack conference is to look into the following issue: "How can water management and stewardship of the global commons be a vehicle to address and mitigate the climate and biodiversity crisis" in order to draw the attention to the planning process of climate politics. The reason for focusing on water is that it is "key to life, humanity and societal dynamics, and freshwater is our planet’s most precious resource connecting challenges of climate change, biodiversity crisis, pollution, international economy and geopolitics".

The interdisciplinary conference is an event for academic scholars and societal & business activists with a focus on and interest in mitigating climate change and pushing climate action on a global scale. The mission is to hack and disrupt the current climate discourse in order to design concrete pathway plans amplifying a comprehensive and coherent green transition of the carbon-based society and economy. The hypothesis is that sound water politics will clarify new productive tracks within climate mitigation policies.

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