Larissa Versloot

Larissa Versloot

PhD Student

Larissa Versloot is a PhD fellow at the University of Copenhagen. Her project investigates how trust and distrust function in diplomatic practice. The research combines insights from interdisciplinary trust research and International Relations theory (constructivism and practice theory). Empirically, the project focuses on multilateral negotiations at the EU Council, investigating what trust and distrust do for daily coalition building dynamics. 

The PhD is supervised by prof. Rebecca Adler-Nissen. 

Fields of interest

Larissa has taught various courses within the program of Political Science (University of Amsterdam, Leiden University), specifically focusing on the core curriculum of International Relations and related issues such as conflict and cooperation and political economy. Her research interests are more broadly directed towards the role of multilateral cooperation in global politics, foreign policy strategies and diplomatic negotiations. In her current PhD project, she investigates how a practical conception of trust can help us understand some of these issues. 

Having previously worked in diplomacy and for various think tanks, Larissa tries to bring this practical experience into her research and teaching, to help bridge the gap between academia and the reality of (diplomatic) foreign policy practice. 


Autumn 2019 - Trust and distrust in International Relations (15 ECTS) - together with Niels Byrjalsen

Primary fields of research

  • International Relations
  • Diplomacy
  • Trust and distrust
  • Multilateralism (UN, EU Council)
  • Constructivism
  • International practice theory
  • Qualitative methods (discourse analysis, interviews, observations, ethnography)
  • Foreign Policy 
  • Coalitions
  • Identity
  • Cooperation
  • EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy

ID: 208744911