14 June 2019

Workshop: Dorte Martinsen and Reini Schrama present paper

Dorte Martinsen and Reini Schrama have participated in the workshop "Health Care and the Fate of Social Europe " held on the 10th of June at the University of Copenhagen. Martinsen and Schrama presented a paper titled "Drivers of Networked Welfare Governance in Europe" during the workshop and engaged with discussants. The workshop was hosted by the Jean Monnet Network in Health Law and Policy and brought together health law specialists, social scientists, and health services researchers.

The participants were: Katherine Fierlbeck (Dalhousie University), Scott Greer (University of Michigan), Tamara Hervey (Sheffield University), Holly Jarman (University of Michigan), Olga Loblova (University of Cambridge), Margitte Mätzke (Johannes Kepler University), Bruno Nikolić (University of Ljubljana), Reini Schrama (University of Copenhagen), Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen, and Tomislav Sokol (Zagreb School of Economics and Management).