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Interest Groups and their Role in Modern Policy-making

The 7th ECPR Summer School on Interest Group Politics focuses on interest groups and their impact on policy agendas and public policy. Through a variety of courses taught by renowned interest group scholars, students will learn about the different stages of the lobbying process involving interest group strategies and group influence on public policy-making.

The summer school provides students with advanced training in the latest theoretical approaches and in cutting-edge methods applied in the study of interest groups. In addition, the summer school will connect students to an international forum of researchers and enable them to build an academic network with other junior and senior scholars in interest group research.

Students will have the opportunity to present and discuss their own research to get feedback from the instructors and the other students. To do so, students are required to submit a research paper of about 6,000 to 8.000 words in advance of the summer school. The best paper will be awarded a prize by the conveners of the ECPR Summer School.