Karsten Tingleff Vestergaard defends his PhD thesis at the Department of Political Science



Karsten Tingleff Vestergaard


"Contextualising Euroscepticism. A Geographical and Political Compass to Navigate Euroscepticism across Member States and Ideology".

The thesis

The thesis will be published as an e-book which can be bought at Academic Books. Furthermore, the thesis can also be loaned from the Royal Danish Library.

Time and venue

Monday 6 December 2021 from 14:00-17:00 at Centre for Health and Society, Øster Farimagsgade 5, DK-1353 Copenhagen K., in room 2.0.63. Kindly note that the defence will start precisely at 14:00.

The defence will also be available on Zoom. Click here to participate. Passcode: 596252.

Assessment committee

  • Professor Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen (chair)
  • Associate Professor Rasmus Brun Pedersen, Aarhus University
  • Professor Marcel Lubbers, Utrecht University


Brexit has underlined the potential impact of popular Euroscepticism, and polls have shown that it is not a completely unrealistic scenario that other countries will be leaving the European Union in the future. However, Euroscepticism reflects other aspirations than leaving the EU. As a self-proclaimed democratic union, the EU should be concerned with which union is in demand among the citizens of the remaining 27 member states and which elements of the union is unpopular and inspires Euroscepticism.

The purpose of this dissertation is to exemplify why contextualization of Euroscepticism is essential and to explain why Euroscepticism diverge across citizens of different ideological preferences and member states. The dissertation seeks to fulfill this ambition by taking five different theoretical approaches to study differences in Euroscepticism within different contexts.