13 July 2020

New research group on climate

climate policy

The Department of Political Science has established a new interdisciplinary research group that will be focusing on and encompassing the whole spectre of research and activities within national and international climate politics at DPS.

The Department of Political Science has established a new interdisciplinary research group that will focus on the whole spectre of research within national and international climate politics and environmental governance at DPS.

The group, initiated by Head of Department Nina Græger, had its founding meeting on 4 June 2020. -Having a research group on climate reflects my intention to consolidate and strengthen the Department’s efforts and profile within this very central and increasingly important research area, nationally and internationally, says the Head of Department, who continues: -The newly established International Relations positions specializing in Climate and Environmental Governance are part of the Department’s reinforcement of the field, and we expect that those who will fill these positions to add both key competence as well as valuable international experience.

The research group is a hub for the carving out of new research ideas and projects, for external grant applications, seminars, cooperation initiatives and other activities across the Department. Cooperation with existing centers such as Centre for Sustainability and Society (SUSY) and engaging with climate research or related initiatives at the Faculty and the University, as well as with national and international collaborators will also be important. The Department of Political Science has nominated Steven Bernstein, Professor of Political Science and Co-Director of the Environmental Governance Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto for a Honorary Doctorate at UCPH, a nomination that has been approved by the Rector.

-It is our hope that Steven Bernstein will become a central partner in the Department’s strategy to reinforce climate and environmental governance as a research field, and give the new research group a clear international foothold, says Græger.

The research group on climate and environmental governance will be contributing to the Political Science education’s core subject ‘Politics of Environment, Climate and Sustainability’, elective courses within the DPS’s educations - Political Science, Social Studies and Security Risk Management, as well as to new continuing education courses and elective courses across the Faculty.

The tentative name of the group is Research Group on Climate, Environment and Change (REGROUP). A virtual meeting place and a website will be up and running in fall.

Members as of 10 July 2020 are: Jens Ladefoged Mortensen (Group Coordinator), Jens Hoff, Lars Tønder, Olaf Corry, Lene Holm Pedersen, Anine Hagemann, Maria Toft Möller-Christensen, Mads Ejsing, Karen Lund Pedersen, Jacob Gerner Hariri, and more research staff will join in. The Head of Department will be attending at regular intervals.