3 April 2020

Essay competition: The Corona Crisis viewed through the lens of political science


Just like the Department of Anthropology, the Study Council and the management team at the Department of Political Science hereby invite the students at the Department to participate in an essay competition on the Corona Crisis.

How does the Corona Crisis affect political life in Denmark, Europe, and the world, on the short-term and the long-term? How has governments' and public authorities' regulation of citizens and their activities changed as a result of the crisis? Do we expect to see a more permanent change in state-citizens relations? How has this impacted peoples' behavior and political attitude formations, as well as their trust in the authorities? Which political movements have gained traction, and which ones are losing support or momentum, and why? How has international cooperation changed, and are organisations, such as the EU, likely to have the same significance as before the crisis? Finally, how are geo-political power structures and power relations among states likely to be affected, during and after, by the Corona crisis?

There are a plethora of questions and we invite all students at the Department of Political Science to address and discuss some of them in the form of a short essay. ​

Main price

The main price is DKK 3,000. The second and third price will be rewarded with a gift certificate that can be used in the bookstore Academic Books.


3-5 pages (1050 – 1750 words).

Who can participate?

Students at Department of Political Science within the educational programmes in social studies, security risk management, and political science.

Award committee

The committee will consist of Head of Department Nina Græger, Head of Studies Anders Berg-Sørensen, one scientific staff representative, and one student representative.

Deadline: May 1st, 2020

Kindly send your essay as a Word-document before 1 May at 23:59 to: Coronaessay@ifs.ku.dk.

We will unfortunately not accept essays submitted after this deadline.