17 April 2020

DPS professors once again the most cited in Danish media


The researchers at Department of Political Science at UCPH are once again at the top of the University Post’s list of most cited researchers in Danish media within the last year (April 2019 – April 2020).

This year’s list contains 20 researchers and DPS take up four distinguished spots on the list with the heavyweight champion Professor Kasper Møller Hansen in first place. The four DPS researchers take the following places on the list:

1. Professor Kasper Møller Hansen
3. Professor Peter Nedergaard
5. Professor Marlene Wind
18. Professor Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard

See the full list on the University Post (In Danish).

The last time the University Post made a similar list was for the period July 23. 2017 – July 23. 2018. At that time, the list contained 23 researchers and DPS took up five spots on the list. At DPS, we are not only proud that our researchers are on the list – we are especially proud that they are on the list AGAIN! There is good reason to happy for and proud of our colleagues at Department of Political Science.