30 October 2020

Department of Political Science hosts first bi-annual Grant Day

Research grants

What is the ‘magic’ behind writing and winning grants? And how can we better support each other in submitting bids? These were some of the questions that the first Departmental Grant Day addressed.

CSS' vartegn: den grønne kuppel. Foto: Sara Galbiati
Photo: Sara Galbiati

On the 28th of October 2020 the Department of Political Science held its first bi-annual Grant Day. Grant Days are a new initiative to strengthen the departmental community that conducts grant funded research. 

"It is essential that support for the writing of External research grant applications is tailored to individual needs and calls", Head of Department Nina Græger says.

She goes on to stress that "By making use of the department’s rich inhouse experience in various grant funded activities, these grant days aim at facilitating exchange of experiences and collective learning, thereby enhancing our chances of success".

The focus of grant days is to inform members of the department about policies and support structures, about the grand landscape, but also to exchange lessons and experience between colleagues concerning the technicalities and craftsmanship required for grant writing or challenges such as the coordination of large teams.

Sharing experiences 

The first grant day focused firstly on a general exchange of best practices. Head of Department Nina Græger, Rebecca Adler-Nissen, Christian Bueger, Lene Hansen, Jacob Gerner Hariri and Kasper Møller Hansen shared their insights on their strategy towards grants, how they do grant writing, and deal with situations of rejections.

The day was continued in two breakout groups. The first one focused on the practicalities of grant writing, such as how to structure proposals and convince reviewers.This was led by the pre-awards team.

The second breakout group addressed the challenges of designing and writing large collaborative grants. Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen shared her experience in applying for the Danish Center of Excellence and how she succeeded in getting the proposal to the final round. Lars Tønder discussed how he designs collaborations and large teams which in particular include non-university partners. Nina Græger provided advice on how to work in a European context and write Horizon applications.

Future grant days

Given the great success of the first event, future grant days will focus on strategic themes, such as how to design fundraising strategies and how to ensure impact and work with non-university partners. They will also include more tailored discussions on particular grant schemes and particular elements of the grant writing processes, such as how to construct budgets or make solid claims to originality.