10 July 2020

Anders Berg-Sørensen new Deputy Head of Department, Studies


Anders Berg-Sørensen has been appointed Deputy Head of Department with responsibility for Studies at the Department of Political Science. As of 1 July 2020 the leadership team includes two Deputy Heads with Jacob Gerner Hariri being Deputy Head with responsibility for Research. Anders will continue as Head of Studies throughout his appointment period (until 31 January 2022).

Anders Berg-Sørensen

Photo: Joachim Rode

Anders Berg-Sørensen will henceforth have more responsibility for strategic planning and development within the Studies resort, including mapping of resource needs in light of the planned reduction of DVIP usage and the challenge of creating and anchoring a truly international study environment at the Department of Political Science.

This challenge has emerged as the ministry did not allow us to continue an international enrollment into the master’s education of political science. It is an important task to ensure educations at a high international level embedded in the Department’s international research environments while at least half of the courses must be offered in Danish.

- I look forward to continue the work with the Department’s educations wearing my new hat as Deputy Head of Department, Studies - and as Head of Studies throughout the current period - in cooperation with all my good and creative colleagues, says Anders Berg-Sørensen.

The political science education is well-functioning, the graduates find employment and the bachelor and graduate reform has been carried through (the first year graduated this summer).

The external evaluation of the Master’s degree in Security Risk Management put a high score on quality as well as employment. The political science education has a relatively high unemployment of graduates in comparison with the others, so we want to strengthen our network with organizations, companies and media outside the sectors traditionally employing political science graduates. Another important task will be to extend the Department’s contribution to the Social Data Science master’s education and to other interdisciplinary programs within the faculty. Likewise with the new reality of the Studies Administration, which we will find ourselves in from this fall with a consolidated Studies Administration at the faculty level.

-Even as the Department is thriving, the upcoming years present new and demanding challenges on the studies frontier. Especially within climate, natural environment and sustainability as well as the gradual build-up and development of further education there will be development and coordination challenges, says Head of Department Nina Græger.

- Anders has vast experience as Head of Studies and knows the Department really well, so I am convinced that the new Deputy Head of Department, Studies will be solving these tasks in an effective and clever manner, in close cooperation with the leadership team and colleagues at the Department, she concludes.