12 March 2021

Young DPS scholar Wiebke Junk on Berlingske’s Talent-100 list


Lobby researcher Wiebke Marie Junk, Assistant Professor at the Department for Political Science at UCPH, has been selected for the yearly Talent-100 list compiled by Berlingske. The list is comprised of promising young talents in the Danish business community.

Wiebke Marie Junk. Photo: Mikko Seppinen
Wiebke Marie Junk. Photo: Mikko Seppinen

On 13 March, Berlingske therefore features a large profile of Wiebke, which covers her research on interest representation, the motivations behind her work, as well as her reflections on the Danish research community.

”This 32-year-old woman is one of the impressive faces on Berlingske’s Talent 100 list this year in the category Communication and Public Affairs,” it says in the article. ”She is an Assistant Professor in Political Science at the University of Copenhagen, has written articles in important academic journals and won the Tietgen Award in 2020 for her work on the structure and state of lobbyism in Europe,” writes the journalist Nikolai Steensgaard in the piece about Wiebke. He also underlines the importance of her work, including her new project on the effects of the corona virus crisis on the world of lobbying.

When selecting talents for the list, Berlingske places special attention on achievements benefitting the Danish business community and society. Moreover, age matters: all selected candidates are below the age of 36. According to the newspaper, the list aims to attract attention to young people, who have “the abilities and determination to get all the way to the top in the Danish business community.” In the past, influential personalities such as former Minister for Higher Education and Science, Tommy Ahlers, and the CEO of Tivoli, Susanne Mørch Koch, have been on Berlingske’s Talent-List.

Head of Department of Political Science, Professor Nina Græger, is happy to see Wiebke’s work receive this recognition in the Danish media:

”That young scholars in the department are recognised by the media for their contribution to the business community and society at large, shows that we are able to combine high level academic achievements with societal impact. I send my congratulations to Wiebke, who stands out as a big talent on both those dimensions”, says Nina Græger.

To read the full profile, visit Berlingske. The profile includes a short video about Wiebke and her work.